Ji Fan is really desperate now.

If you can’t get in, you’re shooting turtles in a jar
Can’t retreat. Ten thousand arrows on the wall are eyeing up.
If you can’t stay, you’ll be wrapped in dumplings.
road to ruin
road to ruin
I thought about my four wives and concubines
Think of two unborn children.
There is also a great country.
Unwilling! ! ! ! !
Regret! ! ! ! !
Anger! ! ! ! !
Dead end is nothing but dead end.
Ji Fan, who is crazy, didn’t notice that the dense red dots were green.
The foot soldiers around him climbed softly and widened their eyes.
The plan to attack the city wall failed
heavy loss
a moment
They are surrounded.
JiFan side only more than four thousand people.
But at this moment.
"Ahem! Ahem! Stop it! ! !”
JiFan with surprise always followed by a face of anger.
It is Liu Chang
At the moment, Liu Chang’s face looked at JiFan with "color" ferocious, and his hands kept covering his throat and kept making yum-yum sounds.
Ji Fan sneered and said, "Old Liu Chang is very sad, I can tell you."
"The name of the poisoned medicine is that life is worse than death. If you are poisoned by this medicine, you will constantly cough, your neck will be like a fire, and your bones will be like melting."
"After 15 days, the body aches terribly. At that time, this feeling will make you wish you were dead! By that time "
"After 30 days, you will be tortured, and then your skin will fester and give off a stench, and then your whole body will slowly melt."
JiFan thought of here flashes in my mind with a sigh.
Liu Chang shivered and slowly got up, pointing to JiFan constantly trembling "JiFan! ! ! I will kill you. "
Ji Fan sneered and said, "This kind of poison" medicine "has no other way than my hand."
Liu Chang’s eyes flashed a glimmer of hope and desire to yell "JiFan give me the medicine"! Give me the medicine! Give me the medicine! "
Ji Fan pretended to take out a small porcelain bottle and said, "Why can I give you the solution to the medicine? Now you must do as I say, or I will smash the bottle to the ground and let the wind blow the solution away."
Liu Chang quickly said, "Cough, cough, cough, don’t cough, I promise you!" "
Ma Chang hurriedly walked over and said, "Master, it’s a rare opportunity."
Liu Chang roared, "Where do you know that I am in pain?"
Ma often said, "That can’t be at their mercy. Otherwise, let him choose between his own foot soldiers and himself."
"If Ji Fan chooses to go by himself, then I have to understand the medicine and put those foot soldiers back to Hebei to spread Ji Fan’s cold feet."
"If Ji Fan chooses those foot soldiers to go, then we can still justify killing him."
Liu Chang Wu wear the neck hard nodded his head.
Ma Chang smiled and straightened up and said, "My master means a solution medicine. You can choose one or let these foot soldiers go and then you can keep the solution medicine."
"The second one, you go, these foot soldiers stay."
Ji Fan did not hesitate to say, "It is impossible to go together or stay together. If you don’t promise me, you will lose the medicine now."
Ma Chang quickly said, "Ji Hebei, don’t you just watch these foot soldiers rely on their parents?" Or are you selfish and want to keep yourself alive, but you are too embarrassed to say it? You can rest assured that we will kill them as soon as we get the solution "medicine". "
Ji Fan, of course, hoped that he had escaped from these foot soldiers. He also said in his heart that he was sorry for his wife and his unborn heir. He must not die and be selfish for a while.
Ji Fan said, "That’s good, but I have to attach a condition."
All the foot soldiers looked at JiFan with complicated eyes. They didn’t know which one JiFan promised.
I’d rather be negative than teach heaven to be negative.


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