"This guy really likes to put on airs."

"If you are heard by the people in the war hall, you will be hanged at the gate of the main hall for three days and three nights without substitution."
"If people have this kind of ostentation and extravagance, don’t say that they are pure if they can’t get a good family."
All the way through, I arrived at the game site very quickly.
At this time, the game has been fortunate that there is no top 30 places in Fengyang’s battle. Today, Fengyang is still one defeat and seven wins, while Mo Yan still maintains the record of winning and winning, as well as Lan Xue.
And the flash sword and clear the source because of the wind and Yang’s active withdrawal from the battle has become the same as the wind and Yang.
Huatian’s record also makes Feiyunmen’s younger brothers sit up and take notice, and also maintains the record of victory. However, it is also true that there are no previous encounters with Mo Yan, Lan Xue and Qingyuan, otherwise Huatian will have a hard fight. If Huatian has no closet trick, I am afraid that the chances of meeting those three people are not great.
Today, I don’t know whether it’s fair weather or what’s the reason. I haven’t met Mo Yan, Qing Yuan and Lan Xue. His opponents are all ordinary martial artists.
Although a war with You Binhan made Feng Yang’s body suffer from itself, it was not easy to deal with ordinary martial artists and there were not many accidents.
In the end, Yang Feng and Qingyuan won nine games in World War I and entered the top 30. Mo Yan, Lan Xue and Hua Tian still won. This is also the reason why three of all the younger brothers keep winning.
Before the martial arts meeting, it was recognized that the younger brother strongman lost a game here, but others did not lose their confidence in Feng Yang because everyone knew that Feng Yang would lose a game because he was not present at the meeting.
The top 30 strongmen will continue to compete the next day, and this time they will be divided into three groups to fight separately. Each group will have ten people, and one strong person will be chosen as the final candidate to participate in the Gulai Imperial Martial Arts Meeting.
And ten people in each group are divided into five teams to duel, and five people are selected to continue the lottery duel, and those who draw a white ticket are automatically entered into a game. After all, luck is also a kind of strength.
"I really don’t want to be assigned to a group with you." You Longjian shouldered Qingyuan and kicked it and walked beside Fengyang with a cool smile. This seems like weakness, but from the analysis of Qingyuan’s face and tone, there is no weakness and fear.
"What a coincidence!" Feng Yang said.
"Who knows?" Qingyuan shrugged his shoulders and smiled freely. "But this time, if you really meet me, you will definitely try your best. I’m looking forward to seeing if you can clip my sword again.
"Who knows?" Feng Yang said with a free and easy tone and manner.
When Qingyuan and Fengyang were talking and laughing, Mo Yan’s sight was also delivered in the distance. His eyes were still indifferent and he couldn’t see what she was thinking.
Feng Yang and Qingyuan are both amazing people. At the same time, they feel that there is another kind of eyes falling on themselves. Two of them look at Mo Yan accurately at the same time.
"That guy is as cold as ice, and he will feel creepy when he approaches her." Qingyuan shook his head and said, "But it’s really amazing. She is not slower than my sword."
"Thank you." The wind raised his eyebrows with a smile. It seems that Mo Yan is not a claw but a flying knife. The wind raised his smile and asked, "What about the other one?"
Said the wind Yang line of sight has fallen, the small jasper gentle and quiet girl seems to be quiet and out of place in the world, and the quiet smile seems to have been beyond otherworldly influence.
In ten games, Lan Xue never hurt his opponent, but the attack was always point to stop, tepid and unhurried, but it gave people an unavoidable feeling and suppressed his opponent’s temper
"Don’t worry, she would rather get hurt than hurt you." Qingyuan didn’t want to reveal more ambiguities, so she turned and left the back. She was indescribably free and easy, which really made many girls charming.
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three Smoked month lost
Welcome you to come.
Back to the war hall, the wind is blowing, so I can’t wait to soak Yuan Soul Force in jade (WWPShU8CO
At this time, the smoked moon was sitting in the jade, and her back to the wind and her shoulders were faintly twitching and sobbing from time to time.
"I’m sorry about the smoked moon" said looking at the lonely and depressed but still fascinating beautiful back.
"No need" Xunyue suddenly turned around, her eyes were ruddy, her face was full of tears, but when she looked at the wind, her eyes were not as kind and soft as before.
Wearing a long white dress to smoke the moon is like a fairy in a painting who is smart and free from vulgarity, and her calves are exposed in the jade. The tears on her dazzling face and the look in her bright eyes are just like a wronged and forgotten little girl, which makes people feel pity and distressed.
"I really didn’t mean to. I didn’t expect spies to come into my room." Feng Yang didn’t know how to explain it at the moment. It seemed that all the explanations were sophistry. He could say "I’m sorry" in a low voice.
"You disappoint me so much," Xunyue said coldly.
This time, Xunyue was really disappointed with Fengyang. She never dreamed that Fengyang would do such a childish thing. If it wasn’t for her own consumption of yuan and strong soul, she would block up the jade. I’m afraid the secret would have been exposed.
"I" Feng Yang was short of words for a while. At this time, apart from saying sorry, Feng Yang didn’t know what else to explain. Now he also regrets and hates that he should abandon Xunyue to comfort him and almost made a big mistake. He really hopes to make up for this mistake and get Xunyue’s forgiveness.
I don’t know when I was helped by the smoked moon, but it is no longer a matter of course. My thoughts will gradually be filled with smoked moon, and I will feel the disappointment in my eyes when I see smoked moon. Suddenly, I feel like I have let my close friends down.
It is this feeling that has been said before I can say it. "I will concentrate on cultivating you and I am not afraid that I will disturb you."
Said the smoked moon and sat cross-legged into the state of cultivation. This time, it took a lot of yuan soul force to block the jade. On the one hand, I tried my best to reach my peak, on the other hand, I wanted to quietly think about how to transfer my heartache by practicing.
Smoked moon has been living in jade * Although Feng Yang didn’t know smoked moon before the age of fifteen, Feng Yang was born on the same day in the same year, but he knew Feng Yang from the moment he was born.
Because the soul is stronger than the soul, Xunyue has the memory and understanding ability from the moment of birth, which means that the wind and Yang grow up together. Watching Feng Yang be happy and sad, watching his every move, watching Feng Yang be sad and persistent, trying to change his status as a wind family, watching Feng Yang be hurt and bruised by Feng Ting, watching Feng Yang laugh with tears, and gradually the wind and Yang will affect Xunyue’s emotions, and he will laugh and lose because of Feng Yang’s sadness. He can’t help but be happy.
But this time, the wind blew up and Xia Ying was alone and hid the jade under the pillow, which made Xunyue’s heart really hurt. It was the first time that I felt this kind of heartache.
Smoked moon has entered a state of cultivation, completely cut off from the outside world, and all joint efforts will no longer be carried out.
Looking at cross-legged meditation with eyes still full of tears, Xunyue’s heart twitched severely. He knew that he was really disappointed by Xunyue this time.



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