The black shadow said that Qingyun’s natural white shadow said that the law of the jungle refers to the individual, not the human beings, the yuan and the beast, and his meaning is also very obvious. The victory is convenient, and it can gain the strength advantage and kill the other one. Then his race can worry about infringing on the other race

The shadow plan is not subtle, and I can’t help but secretly scold him for shame. I actually thought of such a way to kill the enemy race by myself, and treat the natural way as if it were a joke. You know what this world can do is because there is a Tao, and if it can’t even be this natural way, then there is no need for this world.
Therefore, although Qingyun understood the meaning of the shadow, he really disagreed with it. After all, this kind of thing that goes against the natural way does not happen. Fortunately, if it does happen, it will inevitably become a disaster for the whole vitality continent. Naturally, this is also the real reason why he must be here today.
In order not to let the world have a catastrophe, he has no choice, although he knows that this may be an abnormal life-and-death battle, but he can choose to face it. Although this kind of face is likely to bring disaster to himself, it may also bring loneliness to his wife and children, and even make this catastrophe come faster, but he is not.
Maybe he doesn’t care or don’t want to care, but he has no chance, because a life-and-death battle to the human beast world has been avoided
"So it’s difficult for us to duel?" Hesitated for a moment Qingyun looked up at the day again and then a face of nai shook his head wry smile way
"Yes, today is either your death or mine!" Shadow fudged nodded immediately also looked at the day after a while just suddenly looked at Qingyun coldly say
Qingyun suddenly burst into a wry smile when he heard this. "In that case, come on. Since we can avoid it, let’s have a good duel. Whoever wins or loses depends on his own circumstances!"
Qingyun, the words sound just fell and don’t wait for the shadow. Besides, what body star cold tactic suddenly runs, and its vitality also spreads into a thick vitality energy shield. Then he listens to him roar loud, and he makes a figure in the middle of the sky, and then he quickly attacks at the shadow.
Shadow before also dare not careless is conscious light hum a whole body also rapidly rising a thick vitality energy cover will cover itself is his this vitality energy cover is black and qingyun vitality energy cover is blue.
See Qingyun still attack to the shadow in front of him. When the figure is also a flash of rapidity, he is not in a hurry to chase Qingyun until the shadow is steady. He will gather his hands again and continue to attack at the shadow.
Shadow looked at when you’re welcome, palms gave birth to a black vitality in vain. Seeing Qingyun attacking to the side again, palms suddenly launched to cope with Qingyun’s attack.
Each of them developed four palms, and the vitality of the whole body soared in an instant to form a thick energy barrier, which at the same time isolated the outside of the barrier and formed an independent body.
"Really, it’s so simple for this strong man to see the battle?" Looking at these two people, they have already displayed their own ability to fight for vitality. Ye Han suddenly looked disappointed. It turned out that he finally saw the strong duel, but he didn’t expect that the strong saw the battle even more directly than the ordinary people.
"This is the science of uniting the nine star cold tactic center method? How fast! " Ye Han suddenly transferred consciousness to Qingyun body. When he saw Qingyun’s operation, his heart suddenly became frightened and muttered to himself.
Ye Han soon recovered from the shock, and then thought, "Wait! One day I will make such achievements!"
Holding a beautiful dream, Ye Han once again turned his attention to the battle. At this time, Qingyun, Kyubi no Youko and tian hu are still fighting. They are still fighting and fighting, and the Lord is not worth watching.
"Oh, no!" Finally, Ye Han seems to see that he is busy trying to show Yuan Dao’s insight. He suddenly came over in vain. It turns out that this strong duel is not simple, and I can see from the appearance that they are not going to fight.
It turns out that Kyubi no Youko and tian hu are fighting for their vitality, and at the same time, their consciousness has already been separated from their bodies. Although their bodies are still fighting against each other, their consciousness has already shown a particularly fierce battle somewhere.
"Consciousness yuan yuan tao … this is the strong fight? Actually, you have joined the Yuan Dao in the battle, isolated from the outside world, and the awareness of the Yuan Dao is unknown, so you can use the awareness of the enemy to show your life and death contest? " Feel this Ye Han can not help but even more shocked heart murmured again.
Thinking about thinking about Ye Han can’t help but have a little more longing for the strong. He longs for when he can not only be proud of the sky like these strong people, but also the way of fighting is so different and so extraordinary.
But he also knows that the strong also have many troubles, such as Qingyun. Although it has been at the top of the human cultivation world, it has killed human beings, and the leader of the Yuan beast world is desperate. This even protects his own woman.
Naturally, this situation is enough to say that Qingyun is not the peak of the strong. Otherwise, everything in the world will be ruined, and he will not have so many things to worry about. The former is to be able to reach the peak of the enemy.
However, even Qingyun failed to achieve that level a hundred years ago. Is he a god who no longer belongs to Qingyun Yuan? Go to the top of this world? Although he has the idea, he doesn’t have the ability
"No, I must be stronger … no, I must be the strongest. I must not let the tragedy of a hundred years ago repeat itself. I can’t be like Qingyun. I must protect everyone around me and never let them get hurt!" The more I think about it, the more determined I am. Ye Han soon has a new idea. He was a star to cope with the 10 thousand yuan meeting a year later, but now this idea has been limited.
"poof!" Just then a ring suddenly came to Ye Han’s mind, and suddenly a nervous eye looked across Qingyun and stood. Kyubi no Youko tian hu’s mouth was already covered with blood. I thought it would be that Kyubi no Youko and tian hu suffered heavy losses in the war.
"poof!" Ye Han thinking about thinking about suddenly heard a spurt of blood. At first glance, it turned out that the injured person was not Kyubi no Youko tian hu, and even Qingyun had been hit hard, and this spurt of blood was Qingyun.
"What is this?" I feel that things are not simple. Kyubi no Youko tian hu was injured at first, which proves that Qingyun is superior, but Qingyun will also be seriously injured. If two people hurt each other at the same time during the war, it is impossible for Kyubi no Youko and tian hu to show it first, but Qingyun has endured it for so long.
"Young man, get out of here quickly. We were accidentally attacked by a strong enemy during the decisive battle. We may soon be unable to support it!" Ye Han is filled with vacant suddenly heard Qingyun sound.
Smell speech Ye Han suddenly a surprised this world two extremely superior decisive battle exactly is who can actually intervene? Is there another strong man in this world who can match the two in this decisive battle?
Thinking about thinking about Ye Han, I want to ask the wise men, but I don’t want my consciousness to show some signs of dissipation at this time, and I suddenly become white. Now that I am Qingyun, I can force myself out of the body at any time with Qingyun Xiu.
[41] [Smoke and Cloud War]
The strong consciousness is so powerful that Ye Han seems to have lost his self-control as soon as he understood Qingyun’s words, and then drifted out of Qingyun’s body and then slowly dissipated.
"no!" Feeling that his body was about to be corroded, Ye Han was suddenly shocked. He didn’t expect that he had come here inexplicably this time and had to leave before he could figure out the situation. This was not his intention, but he also made things change.
Ye Han felt that he was slowly flying towards the distance after his consciousness left Qingyun’s body. This kind of flight was out of his control of consciousness and was controlled by a powerful force, which he also knew was from Qingyun’s hand.
Seeing off Ye Han’s consciousness, his palm suddenly took back nature. He didn’t take it back from the direction of seeing off Ye Han, because when he saw off Ye Han, it was the moment when consciousness drove Bin to give me a hand and he withdrew his palm. He had already thought about his future.
The most taboo when the strong fight, especially when fighting for strength, is to suddenly stop. In this way, if the other party repairs you badly, it will naturally be the other party’s hand. However, if the other party repairs you closely or surpasses you, the result can be imagined, and even if it is the lightest, it will be hit hard.
"ah!" Otherwise, Qingyun barely recovered his hands, but Kyubi no Youko tian hu didn’t come to respond because he couldn’t believe that Qingyun would stop at this time. Naturally, just because he couldn’t believe it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know the reason.
When he was in the decisive battle for Qingyun, he obviously felt that a strong vitality suddenly appeared in the decisive battle. This vitality is between Yin and Yang, but it is a very overbearing but rare vitality.
Sun, moon and yuan demons?
The four words are simple to say, and the four words of terror suddenly appear in his mind. These four words of terror are not the word body, but the one they represent. This is not a man or a beast, but a form of power, which is so powerful that it can be invincible.
Naturally, these four words also appeared in Qingyun’s mind. At that time, he was fighting to the death in tian hu, Kyubi no Youko, so he was not affected by these four words!
However, Kyubi no Youko and tian hu are different. He feels that this powerful force is closer to himself and is threatened. His heart is moved, not because he is curious or fond of new things, but because of this shake, his mind is shaken. It is precisely because of this shake that Kyubi no Youko and tian hu feel threatened that his mind suddenly shakes, so he is showing his life-and-death struggle, but he has not lost his mind, but he has taken advantage of it. That is why he was accidentally hit by Qingyun’s hands.
Qingyun’s strength is similar to that of Kyubi no Youko and tian hu, so Kyubi no Youko and tian hu could not help spitting out a blood after reaching out to Qingyun’s attack. This is the reason why he was seriously injured before Qingyun, and his injury was also given by Qingyun.
However, failure did not seem to follow, because his hand suddenly fell toward the side, so it was the strong Yuan God who created it himself, so he fell forever, although it was fast enough, but it was like going deep into the bottom for a long time and never landing. Maybe there was no ground here, but he fell.



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