However, although Huang Yin’s glass is still in place, his eyes are always following Shinohara’s snow figure more than her disordered pace, and she is also paid by him!

It seems that Jin Yan really wants to investigate it!
No wonder he always feels that he has forgotten something important. Now it seems that he has nothing to do with Shinohara Snow!
After rushing back to the West Garden, Shinohara Snow entered and saw forsythia practising martial arts in the courtyard!
When she didn’t say anything, she grabbed forsythia and ordered, "Go and tidy up. We’ve long been apart!"
"Temple?" Forsythia put the sword in her hand behind her, and her cold eyes were puzzled. "Leaving so soon?"
"Well before you do it now! We will leave as soon as the city gate hits us! "
With Shinohara snow side for a long time forsythia is the first time to see her so panicked!
At that time, although she was confused but loyal, she nodded directly without asking more questions. "Okay, I’ll do it!"
Forsythia turned and went to the wing to prepare, but Shinohara Snow’s love in the courtyard was hard to calm for a long time!
This day has come!
Her Jin Yan’s life will not be discovered, but the two of them are really alike!
She tried to deceive herself and found that it was so powerful!
Huang Yin-li, don’t push me!
Shinohara Snow walked into the main hall with a heavy heart and bypassed the cloister, then slowly breathed for a moment before pushing the door!
Soft couch is a sound sleep, sweet and sweet!
She sat down with Jin Yan and Huang Yin Li more and more similar, and her cheeks were confused!
On the other hand, Shinohara Snow’s mood became more and more depressing after returning to the West Park alone!
Looking up at the quiet and peaceful scenery in Wangfu, he couldn’t help moving forward!
Turning the rockery stream and shuttling through the arch bridge, Huang Yin’s glass came directly to the door of Huang Lao’s house like entering his own door!
At the door is drunk and ink shadow full of energy!
When you hear footsteps and people suddenly lift their eyes and see Huang Yin glass, you are not both stunned!
Why is grandpa here in the middle of the night? !
In particular, I chose such a time to come!
You know, the two of them are five meters away from the door now. It’s not that they are not loyal to their duties, but that they dare not approach!
"I have seen Grandpa!"
Drunk Qing and Mo Ying both looked at each other for a moment, and then they both threw their fists and nodded at the same time!
Although Grandfather can freely enter and leave Wangfu, it seems a little inappropriate at this time!
"Where is the third child?"
Huang Yin-li’s heart is full of things, but she is relieved!
Naturally, it directly ignores the drunken and obscure look of ink shadow!
He asked in a low voice, frowned and walked forward without saying anything!
This situation almost scared the drunk two people to pee!



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