Xiao Dashi regretted breaking his intestines, but he was able to take a cold bath all the way back to Jing Wangfu.

The next day, your daughter Ji in Kyoto, the place of Western Chu, received a post from the palace to invite your daughter to the palace for dinner.
I heard that tonight’s banquet is to introduce Princess Zhu to everyone.
Everyone has a shadow over the banquet in the palace. Every banquet is bound to have something. This time, everyone doesn’t want to go to the palace.
However, the posts sent by the virtuous princess and empress are different from those posted by other families. Even if people are uneasy, they still dress up and prepare to go to the palace for dinner.
Because this banquet was a night, everyone went to the palace after lunch.
Su Wan, the official residence of Anguo Houfu, naturally received a discount. If there is any banquet, it is natural to send a post to her. On the contrary, she gradually faded out of sight because of the death of her mother and brother. Few people remember her again.
Besides, Su Yue will have something to do every time she enters the palace. This time, she simply pretended to be sick and didn’t enter the palace.
Finally, Su Wan took Bai Qin and aquamarine into the palace, leaving Purple Jade and Topaz in the house.
Yu Hongyu is still in charge of the assassination of the emperor. Anyway, the young lady said that being responsible for the assassination doesn’t have to kill Yu Hongyu. There is no pressure at all. Every day, she leads a group of people to lurk in the palace to assassinate the emperor as soon as they catch the file.
This made the old emperor tremble with fear, and he couldn’t easily get out of the Qinzheng Hall. Moreover, because the former Linyang monarch and Su Wan lost the competition, he was afraid that Xiao Huang would let him refer to the marriage office and never come out.
Tonight, the palace banquet will be held in Qionghua Palace, a palace not far from Deyuehua Palace.
Late in the day, many ladies have entered the palace, and when they arrive early, they whisper about who Princess Zhuzhu is, but no one knows.
It was not until Muqian, the monarch of Linyang, appeared that these people realized that the root of the so-called Pearl monarch was that pheasant turned into phoenix, and a little maid around Su Wan turned out to be the cousin of Buddhist Yan Qin who was given the Pearl monarch by the emperor.
For this inexplicable leap, most of these noble women are disdainful, just as Su Wan suddenly became the owner of Qingling County, and others are generally disdainful, but now Su Wan just makes everyone agree with her with her own ingenuity.
Now everyone talks about her, and no one questions her ability or identity. Everyone admits that she is a noble daughter in Kyoto, a place of western Chu.
But for a little girl around her, everyone can accept it. All the lively talk is mostly contempt.
When Xiao Huang and Su Wan arrive, all the people in the base will come, not only your daughter in Beijing, but also all the young talents in the emperor will also enter the palace. The three groups of five one-party talks are very lively.
Xiao Huang and Su Wan have just appeared in another corridor in front of Qionghua Temple. Several figures are also coming. The first one is Buddhist Yan Qin and his side are exquisitely dressed. Yunluo is wearing a new one, but it is a far cry from the past. It seems a bit out of place that all the momentum can’t be suppressed.
But Su Wan was too lazy to ignore her and Xiao Huang entered the palace one after another.
Yan Qin behind him saw Xiao Huang and Su Wan’s eyes darkened and stretched out his hand to help her side.
Yun Luo couldn’t help hating Su Wan when she saw him as a human being. She was gone and worried to death. The root is hypocrisy. If she is sincere, shouldn’t she be happy for her when she becomes a princess of Pearl? Now I turn a blind eye. I’m jealous that she is superior to her.
Cloud rose cold eyes flashed rage and then followed Buddhist Yan Qin into the hall. As soon as she entered the hall, she felt unscrupulous eyes from all sides and looked at her curiously.
Cloud rose immediately hold out a bosom proudly walked to the hall, but people around a also ignore her vaguely whisper instead.
"It’s funny if she looks like a pheasant pretending to be a phoenix."
"It’s funny. Although that suit is good, it’s really funny that someone can hold her down."
"Yeah, look at her head held so high and her chest so straight. It’s just posturing."
Laughter flooded in. Yunluo is a little maid in Anguo Houfu. If you know this social etiquette, it’s because she has a strong atmosphere. Even if the etiquette is not in place, no one dares to provoke her. She has her own style and many people appreciate her.
But when she came to Yunluo, she didn’t understand that she had to learn from others, and it became an effective thing, which didn’t make people laugh.
She passed by with a series of laughter. "It’s so funny. Look at her stiff neck stretching so long."
"And she has the same hands and feet. Hey, look."
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The cynicism in the hall drowned Yunluo like a huge wave. She felt as if she had been stripped naked at the moment and didn’t even have a shred of shelter.
She was in a panic, but her body was still straight and her neck became more and more stiff, and she walked all the way to the hall
Yan Qin, the Buddhist walking in front, looks equally ugly. Now Yunluo is wearing a hat, but now his cousin is being ridiculed and he is ashamed. For a moment, he really wants to leave the woman behind him and turn around and walk.
It’s a pity that after thinking deeply, I went back to Yunluo and held out my hand and gently lifted Yunluo’s hand. Wen said, "Feng Yan, relax, don’t be too nervous. Just follow your heart."
Cloud rose finally relaxed after hearing his words. She stretched out her hand and dragged Yan Qin’s sleeves and walked slowly toward the inside. Yan Qin glanced at her sleeves and her eyes were a little dark, but she didn’t say anything and walked all the way to the hall.


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