"I analyze that since there is a test base on Island No.3, it must be under strict guard. We will lock the target on Island No.2." Xiao Nan said with great foresight with his hands behind his back. "Li Huai, you are going to look for it these days. One night, we will secretly take a boat to Island No.2 to steal ore!"

"yes! Master! " Yang night "pa" made a stand at attention, the in the mind have been laughing.
"Good Li Huai, you are my hand now. If I look for you, you have to be on call!" Small nan tiger face frighten Yang night.
"I know, but … the high obstinacy is not the high obstinacy master …" Yang night worried about getting into trouble again. After all, he had offended this high obstinacy.
"Ignore them! They don’t know anything! " Xiao Nan scowled and waved his hand. "My brother, they are all a bunch of losers, just like you to some extent!" Said the little boy looked up and slowly walked to the window with his hands on his chest. "What world has so much talk about waste! Is there a brother Ming Feng who is called a man? ! Only a real man can write such a charming poem. The tree has yellow leaves, and the ground grows dry grass. Why do the dead leaves turn yellow? Because autumn has come. "
Yang night forehead suddenly cold sweat hesitated a walk in the previous step and said, "Master, I will go back first if I have nothing to do today."
"Yeah, good." The little girl turned around and nodded deeply. "Remember to be on call!"
"Yes!" Yang night bowed their heads and smiled and walked to the door and knocked on the door to go out and suddenly leaned back to a head "master! I had a nightmare just after your medicated wine knocked me out. "
Small nan window a little strange looking back at Yang night.
"I dreamed that I didn’t know who steamed two huge bags and then put them in my face to suffocate me! Really scared me to death! " Yang night dress panic said
The little girl froze for a moment and turned red, pointing to Yang Yeqi and cursing "Get out of here!"
Out of the room, Yang went straight to the top floor of his room. He was a little depressed. It seems that a lot of people really came to our idea of Young’s Jinshi Islands because of the cold family brothers. Unexpectedly, now there is another Mu family gentleman. What’s his name? Oh! Mu mingfeng! Hehe, Mu Mingfeng, Mu Mingfeng, you didn’t expect you to have such a simple admirer, did you? Hum, I’m not only going to teach you a lesson, but you, an admirer, are also my young night!
I was thinking that Yang Ye’s left wrist was red-printed, and it was strange that it was burning up. This kind of burning was different from before, and the summoning signal of the domain owner or Mrs. Yang Lao was also different. The moxibustion pain was very regular. This kind of situation has been repeated since Yang Ye arrived in the red-printed stone islands. Yang Ye raised his left hand and stared at the wrist red-printed carefully and said to himself, "What the hell happened?" Hey, Chiyin, what do you want to tell me? "
Remember to smash the tickets for collection
The fourth contest
Chapter one hundred and nine "Bad luck in no particular order ()"
◎ Brother Leng arrived.
Yu Jinshi Islands
◎ Yang Xu is missing!
Yang Yezheng and Qian Bo were anxiously in the room when a hotel staff came to report that the second young master had found it! He’s coming to the top floor now!
This is really a long sigh of relief for Yang Ye. If something happens to this younger brother Yang Xu, he can’t explain to his father Yang Zhenkui or himself. He listens to his father and takes Yang Xu out to be honed, but he can’t temper people!
In a short time, Yang Xu came in panting, regardless of Qian Bo’s excited inquiry and eldest brother Yang Ye’s angry glare. After coming in, the first sentence shouted, "Where’s Xiao Dan? Where is Xiao Dan? "
Because the hotel staff kept coming in and out of the room to report the news, Xi Shi and Zheng Dan were hidden in the Sula set. Zheng Dan smiled and saw that Yang Xu’s eyes were unnatural again, but Xi Shi replied happily, "Little brother, you are back!"
Yang Xu ignored anyone and went straight to Zheng Dan for a long time and suddenly asked, "Have you been out, Xiao Dan?"
Zheng Dan looked at Yang Xu inexplicably and shook his head.
Yang Xuma shouted excitedly "It was not you! Great! "
This put all people say leng Yang night walked to the front of Yang Xu touched a Yang Xu head "what are you talking about? Did you sneak out to dive and hit your head on the rocks? "
"oh! Brother! You don’t know! " Yang Xu knocked off Yang Ye’s arm with excitement and squeezed his eyes and said, "Hey, hey, I won’t argue with you about this. I met my dream girl!"



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