How about Liang? People are public officials. It is still impossible for a businessman to feel so oppressive. Therefore, Liang also suspects that Wang Haidong has a background at this time

But at this time, the key point is to inform Liang that he hurriedly called Song Jiangfeng to make it clear that he was worried about himself, but he didn’t make it clear.
This is a matter of catching shadows-what’s the real evidence? What if he feels wrong? Isn’t that a lie about military intelligence at this time? Therefore, Liang did not speak out his doubts and Song Jiangfeng received the words; I came back immediately.
This just happened. Wang Haidong questioned Song Jiangfeng. He pushed the girder to the front row without hesitation. It was very clever to answer this question. Song Jiangfeng also handled the girder simply and neatly, so Wang Haidong was also helpless about this matter. At this time, he didn’t know that the sampling was Jiro Yamamoto, otherwise it would be absolutely impossible to stop like this.
Chapter two hundred and sixty To finish everyone together.
Tangdao was taken a little bit. Forget it. Wang Haidong thought for a moment and said, "Let’s talk about this matter first, and then Director Song will give me an answer. I’m here today to have a delegation on other matters. Didn’t the people have already been to the museum, tangdao, that is, there is nothing? I’m here to get tangdao back."
To lend tangdao to the museum is a delegation, so it is very reasonable for Wang Haidong to come out and take tangdao back at this time, and according to the contract, Wang Haidong should really take tangdao back.
But how could Song Jiangfeng send tangdao away at this time?
This is an investment of 60 million US dollars, so Song Jiangfeng hesitated to say, "Xiao Wang should return it to you when he came to tangdao, but things have changed a little bit in this process. I hope you can sacrifice yourself to make a contribution to the economic construction of our river city. Jiro Zhongshan has taken a fancy to your antique, and I hope you can transfer it to him. At this time, Mr. Jiro Yamamoto has also promised that if you transfer it to him, he will immediately invest 60 million US dollars in our river city at this time, which is very important for our river city’s economic development."
At this time, Song Jiangfeng decided to tell such a thing when he saw the mountain. It seems that he, deputy director of the Cultural Relics Bureau, personally came forward to make such a thing clear and do ideological work for Wang Haidong. That is already quite highly of him. Song Jiangfeng seems that if Wang Haidong is available, then things will end like this. Hello, I am good, everyone is good.
But if Wang Haidong doesn’t give face to face, then it’s over to directly say that tangdao is copied in Qing Dynasty.
What’s the big deal about a small antique shop shopkeeper? At this time, Xiao-dong Zhou has just come to hear Song Jiangfeng’s words, and he shouted in his heart. It’s no big deal if it’s a general antique shop shopkeeper, but is Wang Haidong a general shopkeeper? Great grandfather of the river city, can you offend casually?
But at this time, Xiao-dong Zhou has already seen Wang Haidong’s face se has become very poor, but then he immediately saw Wang Haidong’s face lu coming out with a bright smile.
Although this smile looks very brilliant, no matter how Zhou Xiaodong can see the brilliant meaning from his face, on the contrary, Zhou Xiaodong has a feeling of falling into icehouse on this hot day.
How about this kind of smile? It’s like teasing you. At this time, he knows that Song Jiangfeng is finished and has a good future. Because of this sentence, he is definitely finished. No one can save him.
Wang Haidong walked over and said, "According to Director Zhou, we should sell a tangdao to the Japanese with the investment of $60 million. Do you think the price of tangdao is not even worth $60 million?"
Song Jiangfeng didn’t seem to feel any change in Wang Haidong’s words. When he saw Wang Haidong asking this question, it was Wang Haidong who softened his mind.
Therefore, Song Jiangfeng immediately said, "This reality can’t measure the price. Although tangdao is worth some money, 60 million dollars is definitely not worth it. And I tell you that Xiao Wang can’t say tangdao when tangdao is transferred to Yamajiro, so the price is only tens of thousands of dollars.
Just say that it was the imitation of tangdao in the Qing Dynasty. Everyone has a face. Of course, we will not treat you badly. After giving you a certificate and a bonus of 5,000 yuan, our cultural relics bureau will take care of your business at an appropriate time. "
Wang Haidong has been completely dead. The Cultural Relics Bureau has really eroded to the point where it is impossible to save ya. A unit takes something from its ancestors in exchange for investment, so it’s over.
After Wang Haidong laughed, there was a long sigh. From this sigh, Zhou Xiaodong was also very clear that Song Jiangfeng was really finished, and there was no chance in the public service team
Wang Haidong glanced at the back of Zheng Jing and Zhou Xiaodong and said, "Who is Zheng Kechang?"
Zheng Jing, the section chief, of course, is only for receiving investors, but at least it is the section chief. However, when Zheng Jing faced Wang Haidong, he dared not neglect anything. When Zheng Jing hurriedly said, "Wang Zhanggui, this is our economic and trade commission."
Xiao-dong Zhou knew Wang Haidong’s identity, but he couldn’t wait to get away from it immediately. At this time, he was not careful, and that was death. But Wang Haidong had already seen the two of them. Xiao-dong Zhou also dared not retreat at this time
In that case, Zhou Xiaodong has crustily skin of head at this time
Wang Haidong looked at Zhou Xiaochuan and said, "What do you think of Zhou Zhu’s investment change in tangdao?" At this time, Song Jiangfeng was also calm. If this thing is done, the main beneficiary is Zhou Xiaochuan. He is only the second beneficiary, so Song Jiangfeng decided that Zhou Xiaodong must be on his side.
But when I think of Zhou Xiaodong, I don’t hesitate to say, "I don’t think such a thing is negotiable. tangdao is our national treasure and our cultural heritage. We want to develop the economy, but we can’t let our grandchildren point to our backbone. Mom, although our investment is needed by our river city, we can’t sacrifice the interests of our descendants. I think the investment can be pulled again, but at this time, if tangdao is gone, it will never be."
This Song Jiangfeng was dumbfounded. "What do you mean, Chou? How can you be like this?"
Zhou Xiaochuan immediately said, "Lao Song has had enough. There are some things that cannot be discussed. How can this national treasure be given to the Japanese?"
Zhou Xiaodong wanted to save Song Jiangfeng at this time. Don’t let Song Jiangfeng get too deep. But Song Jiangfeng was already very angry at this time. He had a kind of blood and went straight to his head. He felt that luan was coaxing him. It seems that Zhou Xiaodong is a betrayal.
Therefore, Song Jiangfeng heard that Zhou Xiaodong, like Zheng Jing, was in the opposite attitude. At this time, his anger was palpable. "How can you two be like this? It’s a unit that comes out with this attitude of disowning people. tangdao is investing, but you first come out. If you don’t pay attention to this, will I come out with this tangdao thing? At that time, I was always opposed to becoming you two good people, and now I have become a Han jian myself. Zheng, come here and say whether this matter is led by your economic and trade commission, our cultural relics bureau is just to cooperate with you. Now you are making a fuss and you are still unreasonable. "
This good Song Jiangfeng directly to say the whole thing clearly Zhou Xiaodong even want to stop is not done.



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