Bai Jingjing dull a like didn’t understand Yang night talk with his mouth open leng for a few seconds suddenly excited cried "impossible! How can I leave with my daughter! "

Yang Ye shook his head. "I don’t believe it either, but I have to ask your little mother to tell me the truth. Do you know your daughter?"
Bai Jingjing looked stupefied at Yang Ye, who covered half of his body with his hands. The edge became tighter and tighter, and his big fingers turned white. His hands trembled and his face turned white. Tears had been swirling in his eyes for a long time, and then he shook his voice and said, "Yang Ye, don’t you believe me?" "I miss my daughter every day! Every day! Is there a mother who would joke about her daughter’s life? Is there? You don’t believe me? You don’t believe me? If my daughter and the family around me threaten me to make trouble? Hurt your Yang family? What’s in it for me Yang Ye, do you have a brain? Could my daughter be with me? Is it possible? If she were around me, would I be so careless every day? If my daughter Yang’s family has spoken for so many years, won’t you notice? Is that how you recognize me? You think I killed your father? You didn’t believe me after killing Zhensuo, did you? I … I … Where the hell is my daughter? ! ? !”
Bai Jingjing was so excited that he shouted a lot of words and then suddenly bent over his face and buried himself in the quilt and burst into tears.
Yang Ye was scared silly. He had never seen his mother Bai Jingjing so excited and said so many words. Every sentence was suspicious in Yang Ye’s heart. What was even more terrible was that Bai Jingjing’s last sentence was incongruously questioned and poked Yang Ye’s heart. This was his promise to his mother Bai Jingjing that he would help her find her daughter, but in turn he doubted and questioned her …
I really don’t trust little mom? Yang night suddenly secretly ask yourself in my heart.
The answer is no.
There are too many things to prove when we get along for so long. My mother Bai Jingjing loves Yang Jia and Yang Ye’s father also wants to treat Yang Ye well and Bai Jingjing badly. Bai Jingjing wants to say that Bai Jingjing has suffered, and Yang Ye has witnessed it one by one. And if my mother is not awake, how can I study witchcraft and break it? If my mother is not risking her life for clues, how can Yang Ye Nan Rong Phantom doubt Mu Mingfeng and Zhang Wenyu?
Mom! I almost lost my mind because of hatred and anger! Hate a person for 50 years and 500 years. What hatred can be so great? Yang night cursing in my heart has been silent looking at crying in the quilt. My mother is speechless with guilt.
For a long time, Bai Jingjing slowly raised his head and wiped his eyes. He looked at Yang Ye and sobbed in a low voice and said, "Yang Ye, if you don’t believe me, you can kill me now. I know you have this thing, but please find my daughter and save her."
"Mom … I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I think I lost my mind!" Yang night hesitates and hesitates again, and opens his mouth to apologize to Bai Jingjing with a wave of his hand. "You don’t know that many things happen too quickly and suddenly in Xiaoma. I think people around me have changed one by one, and I don’t know him before. I shouldn’t doubt that you are sorry for Xiaoma …"
Bai Jingjing wiped the first-class tears again, nodded and sighed, and looked at Yang Night and said, "Maybe you doubt that it’s hard to believe who doesn’t believe who has happened at this time. You are Yang Night, not a fairy, and I can be white." Then I looked at Lan Yao and turned my eyes back to stare at Yang Night and adjusted a cheek and said, "I’m so excited. You know, I’m worried that Yang Night has developed to this point … I thought more than once that my daughter might have … but I didn’t allow myself to think so just now. As soon as you talk about the death of the Zhang family, many people say that Zhang Tianshou said before she died that her daughter left with me many years ago, and I thought, is my daughter really not in this world anymore? I, my Yang family, have been taken care of and loved by the Zhang family all the time. I can bear the burden of humiliation and live to this day. My daughter is my only spiritual pillar. I don’t expect to wait for a great news from you at night, but just now … I really feel a little broken. I’m sorry … "
"No, no, mom, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t doubt you." Listening to such a long passage, Yang night looked at Bai Jingjing’s messy eyes and haggard face and gave birth to something sad.
"No, no, I’m sorry for you at night. I shouldn’t have shouted at you." Bai Jingjing also lowered his head a lot.
"No, no, mom, it’s me. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you so sad." Yang night put his hand to continue to refuse.
"No, no, no, it’s me who’s sorry for you at night. There have been too many things happening recently. I shouldn’t have ignored your feelings at this time." Bai Jingjing also scrambled for who was sorry for who.
"No, no, no, mom, I’m sorry for you and me …" Yang said with a sad face at night, but suddenly he felt a sharp pain all over the needle. He immediately jumped aside with a shake.
Looking back, it turned out to be the blue demon beheading with a slight frown and putting his little finger lightly, saying "wordy". He turned to look at Bai Jingjing and said, "I understand. I don’t think your daughter has a cause of death. You are still here. Your daughter is also beneficial to evil energy Weiner. Unless your daughter is not in his hand, it will be fine."
Bai Jingjing listened to the stupefied horse and showed surprise. He was just surprised for a moment and asked in doubt, "Who is evil Weiner?"
Yang night quickly came over and explained, "It’s Zhang Wenyu. He’s obsessed with practicing witchcraft. Now he’s turned into another person. Mom, don’t worry. I will definitely save your daughter safely."
Blue demon chop stretched out his hand to pull Yang night Yang night a surprised frighten quickly stepped back blue demon chop stared his one eye and whispered "go out and say".
Yang night afraid nodded and turned to the door.
Bai Jingjing bed at blue demon chop light said "thank you, girl".
Lan Yao nodded and gestured for a stretch hand to push Yang night with a slight frown. It is estimated that just now a long-winded phone made her impatient, too.
Bai Jingjing shouted behind him, "Yang night, you should be careful."
Yang night back smiled a motioning with his hand, "don’t worry, mom, I will find a way to get rid of your witchcraft and I will save your daughter." Don’t push me! I’m leaving! " Yang night twist a head talking blue demon chop also pushed him one by one, Yang night is a pair of perseverance appearance was pushed and twist a head to talk "mom, you must rest assured! Pay attention to your health. When I get your daughter back, she is my own sister. You are my own mother. After Yang’s family has difficulties, just tell me if you have no difficulties and create difficulties … "
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So kept talking until Yang night was cut by the blue demon to launch the Bai Jingjing room.
Outside the door, Yang Ye and Lan Yao met and kept growing outside, crying, blushing and staring at Yang Ye.
"Why are you staring at me?" Yang night asked doubtfully.
"Eldest brother, how can you doubt Jingjing elder sister? Jingjing elder sister always asks about your safety when she wakes up. She often talks to herself outside the window and says, "I wish you a safe journey and a long life …".
"Ah? Then why didn’t you go in and tell me what you heard just now? " Yang night some angry.
"People are crying!" I wiped my eyes. "I was touched by your mother’s mutual understanding and mutual struggle to apologize to each other!" " Speaking of this, I looked at the distant room with deep affection and said, "I really want everyone to give a little love. The world will become a beautiful person …"
The blue demon has been depressed and is about to hit someone. He grabbed Yang Ye’s collar and raised his little finger with the other hand and said ruthlessly, "Don’t leave you again!"
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In the bedroom, Lan Yao chopped and chatted, and Yang Ye decided that Zhang Tian lied and cheated Zhang Tianshou, and he was so agitated by a series of things that he was so impulsive that he came home to find Bai Jingjing and performed such a farce.
If everything is like this, it means that evil energy Weiner came to this place more than 20 years ago, intending to destroy the order here, and maybe there is a plot. He took control of Zhang Tian and wanted to take it from the Zhang family.
This is Yang Ye analysis.
But Lan Yaochop doesn’t agree with her. She has repeatedly stressed that evil energy Weiner is the main gate of the black domain, and the evil clan has declined. Evil energy Weiner has absolutely no courage to engage in any intrigue behind the black domain. This once ghost clan territory must be hiding something about it.
This is the worry of the red domain owner, and it also makes Yang night depressed after hearing what Lan Yao said.
Yang Ye thought of a word hometown.
Since it used to be a ghost territory, it’s quite obvious that Yang Ye must find evil energy Weiner to take revenge even if there is no red domain master’s command. After all, he has stirred up Yang Ye’s peaceful life into a mess, and Lan Yao beheaded evil energy Weiner as well. Now things are not just a simple red domain master’s command, but the red domain master, Yang Ye and Lan Yao beheaded all have their own ideas, but the purpose is the same-they can’t let evil energy Weiner go.
Everything seems complicated, but it’s getting simpler and simpler. Yang Ye believes that from the mouth of evil energy Weiner, he will know everything he wants to know, including the conspiracy behind all this, and of course, Bai Jingjing’s daughter.
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The name of Jialan Ore has been known from Zhang Tianshou’s room for a long time, and now it is more and more full of mystery. Is Jialan an ore? Is it a kind of witchcraft? Is it the name of an evil former leader?
According to the data of Yujialan ore obtained from Zhang’s family, Jialan Island is located in the White Sea, and Yang Ye, who got the White Sea Evil from Zhang Tianshou, felt that all this was related, but it was quite dangerous to go there.
There are two people here, he and Lan Yao, who face Jialan Island, but everything is unknown.
From Zhang’s family back to now, in addition to seeing the flourishing and mom Bai Jingjing, Yang night didn’t disturb people. Two people were talking in the bedroom at Yang night, and Lan Yao didn’t say much about ghosts, evil families, black domain owners, Jia Lan and many other things before this. Yang night was anxious to ask, but Lan Yao didn’t talk.



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