"Su Ling!"

"Are you Su Ling?"
"Are you Su Ling?"
Su Ling’s words showed two opposite reactions. On the one hand, it seemed to Yu Shinohara that she had obviously heard the name Su Ling, and a smile soon appeared on her tender cheeks.
While the woman who was condensed into two sisters by Shinohara seemed to despise Su Ling even more coldly, stretching her red lips and said, "Yesterday I heard that Princess Dust of Qi Chu had arrived, but I didn’t expect to meet you so soon! But princess dust doesn’t know that Fengling Garden is an important part of the palace and can’t enter without permission! I’m afraid it’s not good for you to violate the palace regulations when you first arrive! "
"Second sister …"
"You shut up!"
This second sister has repeatedly made rude remarks, combined with the female official Wang Jie Su Ling who met before, and her heart is already white. She should be Xia Xiaofu, the daughter of the Second Emperor of the Southern Xia Kingdom!
Sure enough, what kind of master keeps what kind of slave!
I think when she saw that sister Wang dared to rob a man in the street, she should have made her master no better!
Coupled with her attitude towards herself, Su Ling thought that maybe she and Shinohara Snow were just so much!
On the contrary, Xia Xiaoning seems to be only 14 or 15 years old, and her face is still childish. Then she has been asking Xia Xiaofu if things will have anything to do with Shinohara Snow!
She seemed to hear Xia Xiaofu say that she didn’t know!
Could this be the case?
Su Ling pondered several people in silence, but Xia Xiaofu couldn’t help looking even uglier when she saw Su Ling’s half salary and didn’t reply. She had long heard that Xia Xiaoxue and Princess Su Ling of Qi and Chu were good, but now she saw Su Ling with her own eyes, but she was just an ordinary woman.
If it looks better than her beauty, it’s better in South Xia!
"Sister Su, I heard that my elder sister told me about you. She said that you are kind and good-looking. I am the elder sister and the fifth sister. My name is Xia Xiaoning!" Xia Xiaoning’s attitude towards Su Ling is particularly enthusiastic, and her performance seems to make Xia Xiaofu quite unhappy. Seeing that Su Ling nodded at her with a smile, Xia Xiaofu sarcastically said, "Xiao Ning, you are heartless, don’t cling to everyone, be careful not to be sold at the end!"
Xia Xiaofu deliberately criticized and then looked at Su Ling’s eyes, which also contained provocation.
Of course, in the face of this kind of argument, Su Ling is also extremely extreme. Otherwise, with Xia Xiaofu’s sex, if she wants to compete with Shinohara for the position of too female, she may need to be reborn one hundred times!
What the hell!
Use your breath! Interesting!
"Shinohara condensate, right? Can you take me around here? It’s my first time to come to Nan Xia Guo! I want to look around! " Su Ling ignored Xia Xiaofu’s sharpness. In her eyes, the whole country of South Xia can be assured that this Xia Xiaofu is at best cannon fodder except Shinohara snow!
Xia Xiao setting heard talking to himself seems to smile more pregnant and then nodding "yeah! Sister Su, where do you want to go? I’ll show you around! "
"Shinohara coagulation don’t blame the emperor female didn’t wake you up! Hey! " Xia Xiaofu saw Su Ling and Xia Xiaoning once very harmonious, and suddenly she was irritable and glared at Xia Xiaoning, then she left her sleeves and strode away!
Su Ling and Xia Xiao’s eyes near Fengling Garden both looked at her leaving in a flurry. It was a sunny day, and a breeze outside Fengling Garden blew the broken hair on Su Ling and Xia Xiao’s cheeks. Because Su Ling’s line of sight still stayed in Xia Xiao’s departure direction, she didn’t notice Xia Xiao’s hairline. It seemed to be covered with a rash and it looked terrible without the broken hair raised by the wind!
On second, Su Ling looked back at Xia Xiao Ning and just gathered her hair to see Su Ling looking at her Xia Xiao Ning laughed. "Sister Su, you don’t mean it! Shi Erjie’s mind is not bad, but the elder sister has disappeared these two days. I asked her what she might be. She is not in a good mood! "
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Xia Xiao coagulation laughed "Sue elder sister you don’t mean! Shi Erjie’s mind is not bad, but the elder sister has disappeared these two days. I asked her what she might be. She is not in a good mood! "
Su Ling walked slowly with Xia Xiao setting in the palace of South Xia Guo. Although the line of sight was looking at the marble pavement, Xia Xiao setting was quietly looked at in the dark corner.
I don’t know. She always feels that Xia Xiao Ning seems to have HuaLiYouHua, but just in contact, she seems to be getting closer to herself and listening to her tone seems to be not bad with Xiao Yu Xue.
If that’s the case, maybe she can find out from her
Thinking of Su Ling slowing down, Xia Xiaoning looked sideways and asked with a smile, "Didn’t you find Xiao Xue in the past two days?"
Xia Xiao setting a listen to tender cheeks immediately presents a depressed expression, even the eyes twinkled in the eye socket and looked up at Su Ling and nodded, "Yes, Sister Su came. I heard that you have been quite happy! Besides, the elder sister also said that you two are very good! So I thought I’d let the elder sister introduce you to me, but I don’t know where the elder sister has been these two days. I’ve looked everywhere in the palace, but I haven’t found her! Sister Su, you and your elder sister are so good. You should know where she went, right? "
At this time, the height of a light green gold thread-picking brocade flower skirt is a little different from that of Su Ling, but her childish face makes her look like a child who hasn’t grown up, and her eyes flashing with broken light are moist and thorough!
After adding her attitude towards Su Ling, she expressed a simple test of Xiao Yu’s snow heart every sentence. Su Ling thought that maybe there were still good people in the Palace of Nanxia Kingdom!


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