What do you mean disgusting? You have such a shape yourself! Besides, if you really don’t believe how your face will react, you can take a walk with me at dawn! Such as? "

Shinohara Snow tried hard to make burn Yin Xuan confident. A man with such appearance turned out to be secretive. It seems to her that he can’t bear to look straight at that disgusting thing when he covers up and blocks the trouble!
Shinohara snow so seriously look burn assumed the xuan is also slightly shook his former beliefs.
He likes what she does, so he cares about her opinion!
Especially get shinohara snow such a response, instead, he is grateful for his previous impulse to shave off Hu!
"If you believe that I said nothing! Always wait until dawn and you will know! " Shinohara snow also don’t want to wave your breath to explain too much.
Just let the facts speak for themselves!
The night on the horizon is gradually stained with a hazy white, and the sunrise is coming. When the night is deepest, Li Huang Yin Xuan and Xiao Xue observation deck are silent.
"You sent Jin Yan to Qi Chu?"
"Well, if you look at the sky, you can guarantee Jin Yanan around you!"
Burn three-dimensional xuan looked at shinohara snow indifferent side face black lips micro almost want to refute his side is also.
However, Shinohara Snow seems to have never considered that he has been entrenched in Nan Xia Guo for so long, and he has never been separated from anything he swore to death, and he will not shave off Hu, but in the end he was revealed by her words.
"What are you going to do then?" Mood lost for a moment after burn three-dimensional xuan blurted out again.
But this moment Shinohara Snow smiled coldly. "Since Xia Xiaofu and Xia Xiaoning teamed up, I will play along this time! If it weren’t for Jin Yan, this day would be nothing to me! "
Shinohara Snow chuckles at herself, but it’s not hard to see that her mother is stronger!
After Jin Yan, she did not hesitate to sacrifice her generation. She had nothing in her life except Jin Yan!
"Be careful!" Burn three-dimensional Xuan told 1 in a low voice, although he didn’t say anything, but his black veil and dignified look seemed to prove that he had made some decisions that he wouldn’t look back.
For a moment, Xiao Xue smiled faintly. "Don’t worry, this time I want to go to the country of Nanxia!"
This is a more two more wait! The story of Xia Xiaoxue and Huang Taitai won’t appear too much again. After the end of the text, the first article is devoted to writing the chapter of love and hate correction between Xiao Xiaoxue and Huang Taitai’s second child.
When Su Ling and Huang Lao left the Palace Wenyuan Pavilion, they walked out of the Zhonghe Gate and their cheeks were obscure, but they never receded.
There are too many doubts in my heart that Su Ling must know the truth as soon as possible!
After Huang Lao went to the military camp, Su Ling was not idle and hurried back to the Prime Minister’s Office from the palace!
And one noon has passed, and Su Baosheng meets in a hurry in the morning. Recalling his white hair, Su Ling is even more distressed.
Now my mother is still in Wangfu Xiyuan, and she hasn’t returned to the Prime Minister’s office for the time being, and Su Ling doesn’t want to force it!
After all, after such a long time, I still need to get used to returning to my old life when I need it.
Outside the Prime Minister’s Mansion, there is no such warm scene as in the early morning, but people can still hear a lot of things about the siege of the Prime Minister’s Mansion when they get together in twos and threes.
Su Ling breathed slightly for a moment, and looked at the closed door outside the Prime Minister’s mansion, pulling the copper ring on the first face of the copper shop and gently knocking on the back door.
At the sight of Su Ling, the door page suddenly forgot to speak.
And Su Ling didn’t say a word about it, so she went straight into it.
Everything in the Prime Minister’s Mansion is still the same as before. The courtyard is spotless, and every flower and grass shows its vitality.
But the atmosphere of the mansion seems dignified.
People are in a hurry to do their own work, and Su Ling’s appearance makes everyone look askance.
It was Su Yu who was the first to walk out of the hospital after hearing the report of the wind!
Shouted Su Ling in a low voice. He once publicized his brow but looked at Su Ling slightly lonely.
I don’t know how to meet Su Ling again five years later, but he suddenly has the illusion that he is getting farther and farther away from her!
She’s right in front of her, but she’s like a cloud floating in the sky!
"Second brother! I am back! " At this moment, Su Ling’s eyes looked at Su Yu and said,’ I’m back’. How many days and nights have passed and missed the pain?
Especially when she saw that Su Yu was not as wild as before, she couldn’t help sighing in her heart that she would really take away her former appearance.
Su Yu kept sliding in front of Su Ling’s Adam’s apple and looked at her carefully. Her cheeks were exactly the same as before, as if they overlapped with the past again at this moment!
And she is still the most unscrupulous and lively daughter in her impression.
But after all, I lied to myself!
Early in the morning, she publicly admitted that she was not Xiang Fu’s own child, which proved that she had been suppressing her feelings and could not face her as openly as before!



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