"It’s late at night in the palace …"

Suddenly, Huang Yin-li thought about taking this opportunity to hide from the lobby. When all this happened, the candlelight in the lobby suddenly went out.
And this juncture is accompanied by a woman screaming "Xia Xiaoxue, all of you don’t want to leave tonight! This is where you were buried! "
Burn three-dimensional Xuan is almost conscious and wants to jump to Shinohara Snow’s side, but when the whole lobby is in darkness, as soon as he hears the female roar from the horizon, it makes him pause.
This sound is familiar!
He must have heard it somewhere! But where on earth is it!
That is to say, burn Yin Xuan hesitated for a moment, and the lobby soon felt a little nervous.
With the sound of the night wind still awake, everyone can clearly feel that the lobby should have been surrounded by people!
In this case, no one, whether the shopkeeper or the person in the restaurant, panicked and screamed
On the contrary, everyone looks very different, and everyone is listening to each other!
Of course, except for Bi Rao, a tiger girl, who wanted to scream when she had an accident, she heard a deep comfort around her and seemed to have a dishonest paw around her!
This man is Yushu!
In such an emergency, Bi Rao’s profound sense of honor is rare. Not only do you scream and drown your mouth, but even your posture has become a lot of innocent girl!
She remembered that the young lady seemed to have teased her and Yushu, and now she suddenly felt that Yushu was so handsome!
Yushu, you are always overbearing!
On the other hand, although the momentum in the dark lobby is sudden and urgent, no matter how busy people are, the third person and others are still firmly sitting at the round table at this time.
It seems that I don’t trust people to clamor wildly.
Of course, when the other party suddenly appeared, they already expressed their attitude. It seems that maybe it is another imperial daughter who is fighting for profit!
At this time, it was dark and opaque, and the footsteps gradually approached. It was so quiet that Su Ling suddenly slapped the table and shouted, "Where’s the light?" Hit the light! Where’s the wine Bring me the wine! "
This situation, Jing Huang’s third child can’t sit still even if he is calm again!
This Xiao Ni, he feels it is necessary to bring it back to huang’s room to communicate with her!
Well, I think it makes sense to want to burn old three!
At the moment, his figure flashed almost fast, as if he had brought out a virtual shadow of night.
When Su Ling kept whining, Huang Laosan had already carried Su Ling to the second floor wing, and then woke up. When everyone heard his words, they suddenly had a black line on their faces. "The king is tired. I’ll give it to you!"
Burn Yin Xuan corners of the mouth twitching. How can he remember that the third child was not this dead virtue? !
Is he like this? Did he buy the title of Yamaraja, who ran away from the battlefield with his daughter-in-law? !
This is the’ guardian’ of Shinohara Snow on the second and fourth floors of Zhanger probably later!
Burn old holding Su Ling left the dark lobby once again showing a short silence.
Although these assassins who appear inexplicably don’t know their true identities for the time being.
However, people are also closely related to Shinohara Snow!
At that time, it seemed that more and more assassins had jammed the lobby.
The other point is quite strange. The owner behind the restaurant is Huang Lao, and when a female assassin suddenly appeared in the restaurant a few days ago, many dark guards appeared to resist.
It happened that on such an occasion tonight, it seems that after the assassin appeared in the lobby, no one else ran out and took the lead except Yushu and others.
This situation if burn old and Su Ling is bound to arouse their suspicion.
It’s a pity that now burn old full of eyeful is like punishing Su Ling, who naturally doesn’t want to ask more questions about the lobby.
And this situation has become something Shinohara is about to do to some extent.
There are more and more assassins, and there are no fewer than 20 people just listening to their footsteps.
It’s that Huang Yin-xuan finally got a little restless after he lamented Huang Lao in his heart. He slowly walked away from the dark lobby and then said, "Are you all right?"
And this answer burn assumed the xuan left silence.
Abrupt a bad feeling arises spontaneously.



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