"This kind of milk needs to find a natural pure blood * *, that is to say, this girl must eat pure human milk from childhood to seventeen years old. After that, it needs to be made into a medicine in witchcraft to give this girl this lotion for three years continuously. Of course, it must be this girl before." She kept looking at the paper in her hand and said.

Yang night and south glory illusion were stunned and looked at each other slowly. Yang night fiercely raised my hand and smashed a bed and shouted "Muming Wind! Actually, it was deliberately raising big and small children from an early age and then using small children as his tools! I must kill him! "
South glory illusion hesitated a question to "MuMingFeng this year but also s! Maybe Mu Mingfeng has studied witchcraft since he was five or six years old? But how can he be so young? Even if he is precocious, it is impossible for him to control his diet and daily life at such a young age. "
This words say Yang night and grow also leng one after another three people were silent.
"Anyway! He is using Xiao Nan as a tool! " Yang night suddenly shouted a voice, took a few breaths, turned to grow up and asked, "What kind of witchcraft is this growing up?" How powerful is it? "
"I don’t know much about this either." I shook my head and suddenly added, "But all I know is that this sorcerer will undergo a metamorphosis, and then what will become of the whole person after the change? I don’t know, but it must be quite powerful and horrible. I have seen those who are all in charge of witchcraft and are called The Hunger after the transformation."
"Well," Yang night nodded. "It’s really The Hunger, Nan Rong and I, and we’re not Mu Mingfeng’s opponents after the transformation."
South glory illusion also bowed their heads and gently sighed.
"Hey, is the little mother awake?" Yang night suddenly remind of this matter looked at growing asked.
It was her turn to get depressed and slowly shake her head. "I’m sorry, big brother, but I haven’t found out what magic Jingjing is in."
Yang night smiled gently, "Don’t worry, I believe you will continue to check, and you must find out to save your mother." He held out his hand but couldn’t lift it.
He nodded and hurried to hold Yang Ye’s hand. "Eldest brother, I want to give you some medicine. You are badly hurt. When Phantom brought you back, your face was black and you kept vomiting blood."
"Good" Yang night smiled. "I have to get better soon. Because Mu Mingfeng knows about me and Nan Ronghuan, he will definitely take action. He is terrible now and it is already difficult to deal with that Peng day. You go first."
I nodded, got up and wiped a corner of my eye with tears oozing out. I nodded to Yang Ye and Nan Rong Huan respectively and turned out of the bedroom.
Yang night want to try to sit up, but I still don’t have the strength to look at the south glory illusion south glory illusion shook his head "you lie down well that punch should be my brother! You saved my life once and saved my father. I owe you two lives that time. "
Yang night pie pie raised his middle finger at Nan Rong illusion, but his expression slowly sank. "Nan Rong illusion now I think the problem is quite complicated."
"I’m worried," South Rong Phantom nodded.
Yang night slightly sideways a whole body expression and a little pain, body aches, and a slight movement of the head is a splitting pain.
"Don’t touch you now, you are seriously injured." Nan Rong Magic quickly put out his hand to hold Yang Ye and then shook his head. "I tried my ability to treat you when you were in a coma, but I don’t know if I am stupid or I don’t have this ability …"
Yang night smiled and closed one eye and said, "It’s okay. Now the focus is not on me. I’m worried about a lot of things. Listen to me." Yang night looked up slightly at the top of the shed. "How can the first Muming wind have the second half of White Sea Evil? Did he also take it from the Zhang family? Second, do you remember the small garden in Mu Mingfeng’s bedroom? How can this matter be related to Zhang Wenyu? The strangest thing is that I asked Mu Ming about Bai Jingjing. His inexplicable feeling is definitely not pretending. Is there anyone behind this? "
Nan Rong bit his lip and suddenly said, "In this case, Zhang Wenyu should have given the second half of White Sea Evil to Mu Mingfeng!"
"I thought so just now," Yang Ye nodded. "But why did Zhang Wenyu give Mu Mingfeng the second half of White Sea Evil? What’s his purpose? And if Mu Mingfeng doesn’t know about Bai Jingjing, is it Zhang Wenyu who gave Bai Jingjing witchcraft? What bothers me most is that Mu Mingfeng wants to make this place look like a few years old … Did Zhang Wenyu give him the second half of White Sea Evil earlier? "
"It seems that we have to ask the people of Zhang Wenyu before we can know." Nan Rong gave a malicious eye.
"Mom, this is my happy life!" Yang night consciousness raised my hand and scratched my head with a painful expression.
Nan Rong Huan shook his head slowly in silence. "I am most worried about the first. Neither of us is Mu Mingfeng’s opponent. Now everyone is in danger."
Yang Ye well thought for a moment and said, "Nanrong Magic Mu Mingfeng’s ability is obviously better than that of the two of us. The domain master also said that we are enemies. I think we must find a domain master, otherwise we will be completely annihilated!"
Nan Rong phantom lowered his head and didn’t speak. His expression became very ugly.
"What’s the matter?" Yang Yeqi took a look at Nanrong Magic. "Hey, do you remember the old lady’s teaching method? Connect with the domain owner! "
"The second thing I am most worried about is this." Nan Rong’s face is heavy and scary
"why?" Yang night one leng.
"Ha ha, when you were in a coma, I had contacted the domain master many times according to the method of red printing." Nan Rong grinned like a phantom cry. "But I don’t know what domain master and Xiupo have no reaction at all."
The whole Mu family mansion is very quiet, and the light is still dim except for Miss Xiao Nan’s room on the second floor.
A burst of screams and strange sounds made the Mu servants wake up in their dreams, but they were shivering in their rooms. Everyone thought of the Mu family’s saying that ghosts eat people at night, and they were greatly afraid of the screams outside. No one dared to go out and take a look. Everyone was afraid of eating people. The evil spirits have wandered around the Mu family and turned outside their doors.
Some of the remaining bodyguards also hide in the room or in the duty room. Every night, their companions die tragically, which makes these bodyguards’ nerves particularly sensitive and fragile. There is a little trouble. The first thought is not to go out, but to avoid their real thoughts. What is the life for thousands of dollars a month?
Miss Xiao Nan’s room on the second floor of Mujia Mansion
The distance between the two sides is less than two meters in front of Yang Ye and Nanrong Magic Muming Wind.
There was an unusually fierce fight, and the decoration in the small room was not smashed at all.
At this time, the two sides looked at each other unblinkingly, and both threats and deterrence sprayed anger at each other.
Mu Mingfeng was surprised that Mr. Yang could reach out a dagger from his left hand. And that Nan Rong illusion is even more bizarre. His arms stretched out more than a foot long, and the extended part actually turned into two ordinary blades made of bone!
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….." Muming wind stared at Yang night and Nan Rong magic grinned slightly and finally evolved into a laugh wildly. "Two gentlemen, look at you and I are kindred spirits! Can you tell me what technique you are practicing? "
Yang night sneer at a "kindred spirit? Don’t you think highly of yourself? You don’t deserve to know about us! "
"Ha ha so-called" Mu Mingfeng picked an eyebrow and shrugged his shoulders. "No matter what kind of operation you are playing, I won’t let the two of you leave alive today." Talking, Mu Mingfeng stretched out his finger and scratched the wound on the Yang night, stuck it on his mouth, stuck out his tongue and licked it, and then raised his hand again. His thumb and middle finger touched the facial wound, and two fingers held it up separately!
Blood gushed out and flowed down the palm of Mu Mingfeng’s hand to the elbow, and a drop fell to the ground. Mu Mingfeng raised his bloody hand and wiped his face.
Yang night feel wrong MuMingFeng to wipe blood on his face a little strange as if painting something! In the mind a surprised at south glory illusion made a look, so a pair of osteotome a latosolic red dagger at the same time to Muming wind cut stab.
But it was too late. Mu Mingfeng lifted his head and slowly spread his arms. His face and whole body showed blood-not blood on his face, but bleeding red color from his skin.
Muming wind side sends out a circle of faint glow when Yang night and Nan Rong illusion have jumped to move fiercely, and the other side is fighting to death.
It’s a pity that Yang Ye stabbed a dagger and Nan Rong Phantom’s bone-cutting knife department pounced on it. Two people flashed a few steps forward because of their great strength. Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom were all surprised. I didn’t see Mu Mingfeng as dodging. It’s unbelievable that Mu Mingfeng could disappear at this moment!
Just two people stopped when they were about to turn around, and there was already a pair of fists behind them with a hint of lotus flower, which actually hit Yang night and Nan Rong’s phantom back.
Yang night suddenly felt black at the moment and shocked all over. It was like being punched through from the back to the chest! Lose the center of gravity and jump forward.
That kind of pain is unprecedented. Yang Ye feels that he can’t hold his neck at all. It’s a kind of body being swallowed up by a little corrosion of strong acid. After jumping to the ground, one mouthful blood poured directly from his throat. Yang Ye struggled to hold up his arms and saw Nan Rong’s illusion next to himself. It was also a face of extreme pain, with blood dripping from his mouth and anger in his eyes except surprise.



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