Wind flow asked and looked at the man beside him. When he saw that he didn’t stop him, he nodded and went out.

"If it were me, what would you say?" The man with a bronze mask in front of him just now asked in a low voice.
"Does the Lord really not know?" Mo Shaoyuan smiled bitterly and closed his eyes.
"At this time, she remembered that the emperor was alone. What did she want to do if she wanted the emperor to forcibly arrest her in that way?"
The man stared at him for a moment with a slight folding of his eyes, and suddenly his voice was calm and calm without any ups and downs.
"If I say yes, make sure she is crazy? 74 Chapter 74 What can’t he do for her?
Mo Shaoyuan leng seems to have never thought he would say so.
Immediately is a wry smile "what’s the difference between crazy and not crazy? Anyway, she chose to stay with the emperor. Since that’s what she wants, I certainly hope she can be happy. "
Men smell speech facial expression, a slight change just calm rings in the black eyes suddenly flashed a cold mans thin lips tightly sip up.
"She was crazy. You know that’s what she wants?" Cold sound twisted with heavy anger.
Mo Shaoyuan looked at him by candlelight, and his jaw was stiff and taut, slightly zheng.
Does the present Lord know what kind of expression he has? Do you know what kind of mood he is?
"Is the Lord really not white or doesn’t want to admit it?"
After asking, he took the lead in suddenly laughing without waiting for the man to react.
When his sarcastic smile stopped completely, the man coldly asked, "What don’t you want to admit?"
"Always serve the Lord as a god, and one day leave …"
After saying his word, he was struck by a strong palm wind with five successes. His overwhelming anger swept away and brought up dust. The haystack gravel shocked Mo Shaoyuan’s whole chest as if it had been crushed, and one mouthful blood spurted out.
He still smiled more and more brilliantly.
Is this … becoming angry from embarrassment?
If this is the case, then the Lord is too pitiful and pathetic to know the value until it is lost.
"I repeat, she is crazy."
"Then the Lord will wait and see if she will come back." Mo Shaoyuan lowered his eyes and smiled and didn’t want to argue with him again.
At present, this man is good at everything, and everything is ingenious. Perhaps the only shortcoming is that he doesn’t understand feelings.
"But since the Lord chose to let go, he should be prepared to bear the consequences."
Because the consequences will be self-inflicted
"is that why you betray me?" The man asked coldly, "To make me regret betraying me?"
"No, it’s too early. After all-even if I didn’t show up with the emperor, she wouldn’t be able to return to the palace in the end, would she?"
Because at that time, he had already made it ready not to let her go back and prepared to ask her to order one.
But even at the last moment, she looked at him with strange eyes, wary and resistant.
In this life, he only ended up failing once.
But these words he naturally won’t tell Mo Shaoyuan.
The man’s tone returned to his initial indifference. "So you mean that you will collude with the emperor to betray me if you have never got anyone?" There is an imperceptible sneer in the straight line, and there is irony in the slightly narrowed eyes. "Mo Shaoyuan, do you remember what you said every time? Never betray me, eh? "
"Didn’t the master punish me already?"
Mo Shaoyuan didn’t complain about his present situation at all. Since the Lord thinks it is betrayal, consider it betrayal.
Give him another chance anyway, and he will still make such a choice.
What can’t he do without her? I wish her face could regain that smirk.
"Well, then you can bear it!"



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