Leiqian calmly gave a position with one hand holding the child and said, "I will send a pilot fighter, please follow the instructions."
"Roger that"
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Have to beat
"I’m at Liuxiaxing No.7 main base, and you’re guiding the fighters to come to the front line at the gate of Liuxiaxing No.7 main base for identity verification."
"Roger that"
The hunter fighter plane is vaguely human. The fifth Hui’s brow wrinkled into a Sichuan word.
It’s not just his other two stars, the sixth young tree, the iron wing carving, but also a dignified face
"Brother Hui, do you think this woman will set a trap?" Lyzjc impatient first asked
Fission people take two kinds of practice routes, one is human-like route and the other is animal-like route.
The human-like route is relatively powerful, which is equivalent to the fission transcendent, while the animal-like route is equivalent to the extreme practitioner of Terran, but it is stronger than the extreme practitioner of Terran, especially in speed and strength.
Therefore, its naming and addressing are also divided into two routes.
Relatively speaking, the fission family is more intelligent by taking the route of superhuman beings, and the fifth wisdom is that the fifth generation of fission family is named according to the rules of fission family, and the stars are strong in the fission family.
Ji Wu hui Zhu
And this time, the surprise attack on Liuxia Star is also the fifth wise idea.
Fifth Hui had followed Lei Ming to the war several times before, especially in the raid on Mars more than a year ago, and was recognized by Lei Ming for his outstanding performance.
In addition, the constant attrition of the Eldar and Star-rated Strong can win the thunder, and if the Star-rated Strong can’t be supplemented, the Fifth Wisdom will gain the thunder and trust.
During this period, I have been guarding Ceres until I was transferred to Mulin Star by Lei Ming to participate in the war.
However, the fifth Hui was extremely cunning. When she found something wrong during the war, she quietly stayed away from the first retreat.
Especially his fission clan talent to escape is the best.
And in his guarding ceres, he has experienced several times of spiritual colonization, and the fifth Hui didn’t dare to deliberately find out.
But at that time, when he was guarding Ceres, he wanted to know the specific location of several colonization spirit planets for resource transportation, and it was not too difficult to spend some time to get it.
Fifth Hui secretly mastered the location of several resource planets of Eldar, but it was also secretly mastered.
Lei Ming, alive, borrowed the fifth wisdom and dared not play the idea of cultivating the spiritual planet by the Eldar.
But now Leiming has been beheaded by the Blue Star Terran. Not only Leiming has been beheaded, but even the Eldar forward base has been destroyed.
In this case, if he doesn’t capture the Eldar, the colonial planet, he is simply sorry for himself. If he is lucky, their fission family can at least have two or three more stars, and his strength can go further.
To capture the first ghost planet, Fifth Hui chose Liuxia Star.
On things that are easy to get.
But the accident is that LeiQian actually fled here.
Fifth Hui still knows something about LeiQian. This woman is not a vase. She is extremely capable.
Could it have guessed their purpose?
So in this case, does Lei Qian want to kill them or really want to accept and reorganize them by sending them to the designated destination?
There are possibilities.
Leiqian orphans and widows also need to rely on, but they must not be underestimated.
Of course, the safest thing to do is not to specify the destination and kill it directly.
But in that case, what would Lei Qian do?
Fifth Huisi took the exam for a while and rejected the idea.
LeiQian this woman act is very decisive is very biting.
In the last 30 years, almost Leiqian has been in charge of the entire Eldar forward base on behalf of Leiming. That is to say, kill and kill without delay.
If he directly war in that case, three star storm LeiQian can be captured even if LeiQian has LiuXia star 7 main base armed.



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