"It’s possible."

Xu nodded back and AnXiaoXue shook his head at the same time "general gene practitioner into mind magnetic standard body is difficult to strengthen hair harder.
And according to your show, if this is the problem, Lu Xiang’s accomplishments in psychomagnetic standards must be much better than yours.
Obviously not. "
Xu back nodded AnXiaoXue analysis.
"There are three factors that affect the strength of this mind magnetic pile: the strength of spirit, the degree of genetic ability chain and foreign objects.
Although you are a freshman and a senior, your 72-point gene chain has been completed, and your spirit will not be weaker than Lu Xiang’s.
The degree of genetic ability chain has been ruled out.
The only thing left is a foreign object "AnXiaoXue sudden analysis.
"foreign objects?"
AnXiaoXue nodded, "we analyze a good"
"Huang, bring up the original video of Xu Lu Xiang’s engagement that day, and then enlarge all the pictures ten times, one hundred times and analyze and compare them respectively.
See if there are any foreign objects "ordered Ann small points.
"It takes one minute to zoom in ten times for a good light snow, and it takes about fifteen minutes to zoom in one hundred times."
Huang’s computing power as a supercomputer is still amazing.
Huang gave the result in less than a minute.
"Light snow magnified ten times and found that Liu Xiang spilled immaterial materials about six times during her walking after the challenge.
This substance is very thin and transparent, and it also has the thickness of hair silk after being magnified ten times. "
"zoom in one hundred times, one thousand times to analyze the structure and see if I can analyze it as a substance.
Compare the placement of the substance in the contest ring to see if there is any connection between Lu Xiang’s butterfly flying. "
"The clarity of the original picture is limited, and the maximum magnification is 100 times. The structure and types of the material are analyzed by the existing data method.
Lu Xiang, the challenge ring, performed three butterfly flies in total, and after each flat flight, the landing point was one meter in this special material!
It can be concluded that the special substance Lu Xiang’s display of butterfly flying has a high degree of association, "Huang analyzed."
Xu back heart way this Liu Xiang butterfly really has a secret.



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