If Solf is unbearable, change it, "Evie said.

"I know my brother, but remember," said Kitawan.
"The second thing is that you can choose 50 to 10 younger brothers with strong adaptability when they come back and bring them back to the moon for training," Ivey said
Kitawan nodded again, but his eyes moved slightly. "Does Master mean to let them take part in the famine?"
"Be prepared. This time, the six joint zones are more important than the printing joint zone, and our printing joint zone is more important to the extreme.
I have regarded this drought as the only chance for the Indian-Chinese joint zone to rise again in the coming decades.
The degree of attention can be shaped by words-at all costs!
Remember that you have a strong adaptability in choosing your younger brothers this time, but you must let them receive a one-month anti-hypnosis and anti-interrogation training in the soil before loyalty comes, "Evie ordered."
"Remember, brother," Kitawan was as honest as a child in front of Evie.
Of course, Evie said Kitawan understood it.
This year, the construction of a Mars base in India-India area during the tidal period of Mars energy failed.
This is too great a loss for the Indian Union area.
This los refers to that future los.
After this year, there will be a source energy overflow channel for the remaining base of Mars energy tide.
In 2008, we will build our own Mars base in the India-India joint zone, and we will bear the pressure and exploitation of other five joint zones or four hooligans in addition to the siege pressure of alien invaders!
Before this year, the India-India joint district had the choice to choose the partners themselves, accounting for a large share.
In 2006, when all the joint zones were aiming at a channel of energy overflow, the Indian joint zone had to divide a lot of benefits to the four hooligans if it wanted to successfully establish its own Mars base.
This is inevitable.
At that time, even if the Indian joint area successfully establishes a Mars base, it is expected that the share will not exceed 40% or even lower.
In this way, even if the Indian Union has its own Mars base, it will still improve the current situation of the Indian Union.
And drought is an opportunity!
A hundred years ago, the Indo-China District missed the opportunity of drought and development for decades because of some stupid ideas that now seem to be extremely stupid, and now there is not even a Mars base.
This time, the tone of the joint department of waste printing has been set-at all costs!
"Master, what is the third thing?"
"This third thing or west luce they disappeared until now west luce and others didn’t fall and no one traced their phase information.
Nine times out of ten, there is something wrong with that refund
When you get back, look for opportunities to see if you can capture this student alive, "Evie said.
"Well, brother, remember."
"Remember not to importune! Never expose yourself. Be very careful!
The failure and disappearance of Silus and others may represent that there is a genetic evolution behind Xu tui, and it is a quasi-planetary environment that the strong secretly protect.
Never be careless, "Evie stressed.
"I remember."
"Go ahead"
Evie waved and Kitawan saluted again before quietly turning away.
The blue star Konak Sun Temple is raining cats and dogs!
All the shouting, killing, roaring and screaming were concealed in the downpour.
This is an excellent night to start work.
Almost Xu tuian Xiaoxue teamed up with Solf to kill the other two genes in an instant, and the breath was locked in an instant, and Xu tuian Xiaoxue killed him.
Tower four gene evolution condition watchman has pressed the alarm bell at the same time to attack Xu tui and An Xiaoxue.
Among them, the two people who are far away jumped directly from the tower and prepared to step on the virtual ling to quickly approach Xu tui and An Xiaoxue to attack again.
But all the way, just as they were about to step on the virtual ling, they were horrified to find that something was wrong with their spirit!
Very scattered!
There was no moment to pay attention, and it was even more important.
It’s too late to panic and wait for all their attention to regain their spirit and condense the spirit pedal!



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