It is like seeing food when you are hungry.

Goethe almost bit his teeth to look away.
Then when he looked at the dim stars, the words appeared again-
[Yes/No, consume 5 gold grams to enter the secret realm? 】
"shakotan coast? !”
Goethe was surprised.
When looking at these stars, he had guessed what they represented, but Goethe never thought that these stars actually represented’ secret land’
The weisong hotel owner’s attitude towards the "secret land" Goethe can imagine the value of the "secret land"
And that …
It’s one!
Now it is seven!
"Descendants of the Mad King … the legacy of the Mad King … Mad Wang Baocang!"
Goethe whispers in his heart.
Crazy Wang Baocang’!
The bronze ring in front of me is’ Crazy Wang Baocang’
And the clue of "crazy treasure hiding" mentioned by "the murderer in the fog"
Goethe-Favre determined that his grandfather had deceived the other party.
Or the other party’s puzzle?
Or is there some wonderful misunderstanding?
These are not important to Goethe now, and his eyes once again swept over these stars representing the’ secret realm’
Every star with dim luster will show 【 consumption of 5 gold grams 】, but white, gray, black and red will not show it.
"Do you have to’ complete’ the most secret realm before you can open the secret realm?"
According to the’ ?’ figure arrangement Goethe guessed.
Then he withdrew his gaze at the ring.
It’s not that I don’t want to go to the "secret land" to find out.
But no money.
He doesn’t have 5 guineas.
Now his department’s net worth adds up to 192 gold grams, 11 silver ropes, 3 copper horns and 1 and a half copper horns.
It’s a long way from 5 jinks.
And disaster!
Goethe didn’t forget Morey’s words that every time the "secret realm" is opened, it will bring disaster.
He needs more information than "the secret world"
Confirm more information before starting.
That writing!
Branding bronze rings that are familiar with hometown characters!
"Don’t" mad king "is …"
Goethe guessed and then his eyes were attracted by the distant horseshoe.
A carriage is galloping in.
It’s Shila Amzah
The owner of the top hunter bar of the Garden Club drove his carriage to Goethe and jumped into it with a look of embarrassment.
"Do you know?"
"You owe me a big favor!"
"I …! It is that guy! "
The lady didn’t finish her words when she saw the body of the "murderer in the fog". Suddenly, she was greeted with amazement mixed with slang somewhere and went straight for the body.



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