The sword blares and the sword light suddenly closes like a hundred rivers meet, and it is brought into the scabbard of Haikou’s poor sword light.
And the figure in the city also with a lag.
"Well …"
"Good swordsmanship!"
Master Qian’s mouth is full of despair.
"The old man dies without complaining."
Until now, he has never been able to fight with a rival without the help of Xuanbing armor.
Once it breaks out
Fight back by yourself
The sound fell apart and fell to the ground in splashing blood.
Zhou Jia bowed his head and examined the body for a moment before provoking a few things from it. He bent down and searched the darkroom in this courtyard.
I don’t know how long it took
Qi Liang’s first reaction when he woke up from a daze was to touch his crotch, which made him bitter.
I peed my pants!
As soon as his face changed, he suddenly turned over and swept his eyes. There was another leng around him.
Not far from your feet, your eyes are wide and your head is wide open.
"Money …"
"Master Qian?"
Is the other party plundering themselves here?
And who saved himself?
There are groans from the back of the doubt.
"I’m Tianhu to help anyone outside Han Le come and help me!"
"And me and me!"
Qi Liang turned and saw an open slate, which was a darkroom with several acquaintances in it.
Heart is not a joy.
Chapter 29 Visitors
The traffic is staggered and orderly.
More than ten long decks extend from the dock, and river boats load and unload goods.
Workers with bare feet and short hurdles have the shoulder resistance to unload boxes of goods from the ship and carry them alive with the help of carts.
burning sun
Their skin is tanned, and their muscles, which seem to be strong from time to time, are distorted and deformed by day-to-day movement
There are many ships moored on the river with a width of forty or fifty feet, and the yamen personnel arrange to dock and stay in order.
Some simple flower boats wander around
Boarding women or beautifully dressed or naked waved to the ship’s elite strong man to greet the guests.
Most of the flower boats that haunt this place are converted from fishing boats, and their cabins are only three or two, so crude that they can’t even sound.
What’s more, the husband invites his first wife and guest to open the door to earn source money.
No one will think this kind of thing is cheap
East side of wharf
Compared with other places, there are fewer stop ships here, but other ships are completely different in terms of maintenance and size.
It can be seen that most of them belong to big firms.
Zhou Jia was dressed in a strong outer cover, and dark black’s cloak, axe and shield were behind him, with his hands standing on a high place and looking into the distance.
A little while
His eyes inched and he stepped toward the line.
A cargo ship docked on the shore, and several figures walked along the springboard, all of which showed strong martial arts background.
"Brother Zhou!"
"Miss Qian!"


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