It’s hard to see the face, but I’m also awed and afraid to look at it in my mouth. Obviously, it’s close to the end, and it’s also a little esoteric and obscure, which is beyond what Qingwei can understand at present.

As the words in Fang Daojun’s mouth stopped, the scenes and characters changed rapidly.
When everything stops, it seems as if a line of sight has swept past me.
Qingwei listened to Daojun’s tone of mouth and said with a smile, "Today, I will talk about the mystery of Leijie’s fate and turning into a fairy."
"Thunder people change yin and yang, cardinal is destruction and creation."
"the mystery of the transformation of mysterious creatures in the fate of heaven"
"Yes and …"
The easy-to-understand Shizhou Mandarin seems simple and simple, but gradually I feel that every sentence seems to contain all kinds of truth, so I have to ponder it carefully and gradually immerse myself in it.
Good Dao Jun’s gentle and smiling voice has been around Qingwei’s ear so that he can hear the truth.
In this way, unconsciously, Qingwei suddenly opened his eyes, and the color of panic flashed through his ear because of a sound.
"Buddha …"
Shoucheng then got up as if he were on time and smiled curiously. "What’s the harvest?"
Qingwei hurriedly arranged his mood to restore calm, saying, "I have got a secret art-the magic art of heaven’s Xuanlei robbing feathers and climbing immortals. When crossing the dharma body, I can maximize the natural disaster and improve my own secret art."
It was too simple and rude to disperse the celestial Du Jie by yourself.
Shoucheng one leng consciousness some sour feeling this luck is too good!
After a while, Kung Fu Qing Wei has already recovered to that sound …
I don’t understand why he can stop practicing because of one sentence?
Yu Tianzun …
It’s just that if you think too much, it will only increase your troubles.
"Naturally, my true brother will burn it out and put it in the sutra depository later."
After clearing the platform and thanking it again, I kept a sincere smile on one side.
He just sensed his own feelings, but it seems that the harvest was not so good.
Shoucheng nodded and smiled. "Good. Hehe, this is what I want to give you. You’re lucky. You’re better than me and Uncle Miaole."
"I listened to the demon race for three days when I was in the first half step, such as purifying the demon Dan to strengthen the foundation."
"Elder Miaole learned the melody for three days, but Qing Chen listened to a serious sermon."
After a chat and exhortation, Qingwei went back to the cave to get the necessary things, and released a lot of dreamy butterflies. After a little arrangement, she went to meet Brother Qingjing of Xiankefeng, the elder Yuanxiao and the Cui family.
"Being original and coming late has kept your friends waiting."
Cui Jinxi, the elder of Cui’s family, looks terrible, old and bold, but at this time he is also gentle and laughs. "Where are the friends?"
The master among the four clans who followed him was not qualified to speak at this time.
Although their hearts are a little anxious …
However, this time, they naturally dare not show anything when they are the highest in the Qing Dynasty.
Now that people are here, there is no reason to dawdle. After a group of people went out of Taishan, Cui Jinxi directly took out an extremely flying spirit-dodging device and flew them towards Baiyangguo in the northwest of Yuanzhou.
It’s more than 500 meters away from Taishan, which is far from Wan Li. The Cui family’s quaint flying boat is extremely fast, and it takes only half a day to enter the Baiyang border.
Now, the Zihua Mountain Villa of Cui’s house is located in a hidden mountain range with a brainwave three hundred miles away from Baiyang Capital.
I haven’t reached Zihua Mountain yet, but I can see all kinds of precious lights in the mountain, and there is also a magic weapon in the air.
Obviously, the Fan family in Shengzhou has!
Cui Jinxi, the elder, even increased his speed when his face changed.
Outside Zihua Mountain Villa
Cui Qinghe and Cui Jinnian, two elders, took a serious look at the six members of the Fan family.
Behind them, a purple gas rises, and the fairy light overflows. The three-legged Zijin Yunding exudes a horrible gas machine.
After perceiving the movement in the distance, the confrontation atmosphere between the two sides couldn’t help but be relaxed. A young man from Fan’s family smoothed the fingertip wound and looked at the flying boat with a cold hum.
"Those who return to the truth … just don’t know who the bearer is."
A total of six members of the Fan family arrived this time, including a half-step dharma body, two late dharma bodies, two middle dharma bodies, and one early dharma body with two magic weapons.
If this force is determined to destroy a second-rate force.
They naturally won’t underestimate the truth-returning faction. After all, nowadays, a great master with two dharma bodies is not bad enough for them, and there are several powerful roles in it.



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