My way is kendo!

Is not the science of uniting the Tao! "
The last two sentences of Shang Long rushed into Xu tui’s mind like Huang Zhong and Lu Da, which made Xu tui’s mind suddenly clear!
Shang long Dao is kendo!
Is not the science of uniting the Tao!
Perhaps with this knowledge or mind, the reincarnation of the seal will not limit Shang Long’s future cultivation path.
Even if there are restrictions, you can break it with one sword!
"Take your horse will attack the original palace? Was it a little hasty?
Do you want to prepare for a few more days? "Asked ShangLong.
Xu retreated and shook his head. "Chi Jing also lost his body. These days just happened to be his weak period. This is the best time.
Besides, the situation in the small universe department of heaven can’t be delayed for too long
Once the allied forces of the three tribes continue to attack the Tianmen in the east, north and west of the small universe of heaven, it is possible to be breached at any time.
Once that happens, it will be a catastrophe for our blue star!
So we must solve our worries as soon as possible.
Then think of some way to rescue the small universe in heaven, "Xu said.
"But according to what you said, the three clans of Daxi clan, Eldar clan and Maya clan have attacked thousands of troops in the small universe of heaven.
The total number of stars in San zu Hui Jiu Wei Hang is as high as 300, which may be higher.
When the three clans come together to attack the small universe in heaven, the star scale may reach at least ten thousand people.
You said that you found that there were more than 3,000 knot stars in the Eldar, and the knot was still in progress.
The total number of other quasi-planets and transmutations is as high as ten million.
To tell the truth, even if we put all the forces of Bluestar into this attack array, it will make up for it.
A drop in the bucket! "ShangLong sigh 1.
"If the pure power contrast is really a drop in the bucket, but isn’t there a celestial guard in the small universe?
Besides, Mr. Shang came back! Even if it is a drop in the bucket to save the small universe in heaven, can we not save it? "Asked xu back.
Shang Long shook his head with a wry smile. Once the small universe in heaven is breached, there will be no blue star Terran standing on the cone again.
"So we have no choice in the future!"
"Yeah, we have no choice."
Shang Long nodded. "You can do it yourself."
In the rescue of the small universe in heaven, Shang Long, the highest spiritual leader of Blue Star, has reached an agreement on the coming of the war between the three clans and thousands of allied forces!
This is also the reason why Xu tui had a long talk with Shang Long.
"You can’t lack business teachers in the future war," added Xu tui.
"Of course I won’t lack it."
Qiang Qiang!
A crisp sword suddenly appeared, and Shang Long gently touched it and took out the flying sword, and the flying sword sounded incessantly.
"Xu back to war I won’t be absent!
But I prefer to make a sword and make a star cold!
I’ll leave the other brain things to you. I prefer sword talk!
If there is a war, my sword light will appear! "ShangLong looks at xu back a face firmly.
This is his kendo!
Looking at the firm-looking Shang Long, Xu retired for a long time and then gently nodded and called the communication channel.
"Wei Shuai is the weakest fire in Huoyuan Palace in the early morning, and when we attack Huoyuan Palace," Xu ordered.



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