"Help me!"

At this time, the opposite person was wrapped in flames and saw that it was doomed. The consciousness rushed towards several people without flames.
Simla’s consciousness wants to stop and her face is hesitant.
Just a passerby …
At this time, the explosion suddenly occurred, and there were flaws in the defense of two guards. Three shots were shot and the flames were broken.
Wing Terrans can fly, and the commanding offensive is hard to prevent.
Katja and Simla looked up at the same time with a clot. That person can make the other person ask for help.
"Hmmm …"
A touch of cold light appeared in the flames.
Cold light, like a shining star, flashed across several feet, and from that panicked figure, it stabbed Katja in the neck.
Come on!
Almost to the extreme
When Katja and Simla found out that something was wrong, the cold light came near, even when their eyebrows trembled.
Two people heart a cold at the same time.
"Da …"
Cold mountain suddenly stopped in front of Katja’s neck.
Two slender fingers suddenly appeared and gently clamped the cold mountain as if it were just waiting for the cold mountain to take the initiative to vote.
Cold mountain is a flying knife.
Zhou Jia gently squeezed his sleeve with one hand, and then flew back to the man’s throat at an unexpected speed, bringing out a bloody line.
The man fell to the ground with a stiff body and was immediately swallowed up by the flames.
"Zhou … Zhou predecessors"
Katja’s face turned pale and her heart paused for a moment before she recovered.
"Thank you"
She didn’t even think that there was a powerful killer hidden among a group of people opposite, and it was dangerous for people to ignore the death of others as a cover.
"Well, this person’s interest-collecting method is extremely good. If it weren’t for a sudden attack, I wouldn’t have found it." Zhou Jia looked at the ground with the same face.
"Watch out for someone coming again."
As soon as his voice fell, several people’s feet and the ground suddenly trembled rapidly, and the earth cracked, and thick and strong internal heat exploded.
Huge shock force scattered several people to high.
One by one, dusty figures swooped out of the soil, and they came to kill Katja without saying a word with a sharp sword.
"Miss, be careful!"
Simla’s eyes are wide open, his feet are half full, and the clods are flying in his hands, and the double-knife rotation hits the figures.
There is no doubt about his strength, and the weapon in his palm is even sharper.
One by one, people in gray fell to the ground after the knife light passed by.
However, these people seem to be fierce and not afraid of death, regardless of their own casualties, staring at Katja.
the other side
The magic voice on the hillside caressed the strings, and the sound waves that were indistinguishable to the naked eye merged into a scroll, and they fell from high to low towards Zhoujia.
"Jingle …"
The swords and shadows collide with each other, and the flames rush endlessly. There are even more guards. The three winged masters fight Katja and are in danger for a while.



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