"The lady is waiting for you in her great temple," Novaray got up and said, "Please come with me."

Skeeter let the centaurs who came with him move freely in the unicorn forest, and Novaray led them to the huge Sequoia Temple.
The two gods are not far apart, whether it is Centaur in Crete or unicorn in Elona, they can move in both countries at will.
Although it is not the first time for Skrit to come to Elona Temple, he is still not too casual.
Not only because of his respect for the medium divine power, but also because neither side is domineering or publicity.
When I arrived at the top of Sequoia, I met the forest goddess Elona.
The general image of Elona is a dark-haired human woman or a blonde elf woman.
At this time, Skeleton saw a blonde elf in a beautiful robe, both lively as a girl and noble and elegant as an elf.
"Welcome to Skerrit" sounded like a lark, and Arona greeted Skerrit gracefully.
"It’s an honor to meet you, Ms. Elona." Skerrit threw the spear to the ground, touched his chest with one hand and bowed slightly.
"Novaray, thank you." Ms. Elona nodded to Novaray.
"I’m honored, madam." Novaray bowed his head and then silently withdrew from the Great Temple, leaving it to the two gods.
Elona asked Skerrit to sit down and wave his hand, and the natural elves presented some delicious fruits and sweet honey.
But Skeleton was not in the mood. He couldn’t help asking, "Madam, I don’t know what your plan is?"
"Don’t worry too much about my friend," said Elona, taking a cup of honey scented tea and slowly sipping it. "Although the idea of the owner of beasts is more similar to that of savage Obaihai.
But there is no doubt that he is also a druid, a druid who practices natural principles. "
The Lord of beasts is the honorific title of the beasts in the beast garden.
And his ability to represent the power made a deity recognize this title.
Crete smell speech a wanted to think, "but he pick up is likely to conflict with us.
Shouldn’t we resist? "
"My friend" Elona smiled brightly like a beautiful flower in the warm sun in spring.
"Have you ever thought that he may not be antagonistic to us?"
"Isn’t it?" Skerrit wondered, "Although it’s a little special, we can probably guess which newborn druid god this beast master should be."
The one who just became a god directly hit the outer plane and broke the mark, and the city monopolized Outland.
And has been confronting the gods.
Now this animal master is taking control of the animal park step by step. When he succeeds, won’t we be forced to move our country like the natural gods? "
"Skeeter, it’s hard for me to be unhappy when you talk like that."
A sound came from the outside. They turned to look and saw an old man in a brown robe, with a weathered face and a dead tree stick in his hand.
An old man with a wise face looming like a forest leaf.
Beside him was a faint embarrassed Novaray.


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