"Please forgive me, uninvited teacher younger brother," said Qing Chen, as he walked along, one futon evolved at will.

Qing Wei smiled casually. "Senior brother has been wandering around like a wild crane for many years, and now he has finally come to this point. Don’t worry, everyone is a little anxious."
After all, it is acceptable for everyone to clear the dust and follow the feet for three years and five years.
However, people just walked slowly and dawdled before entering the Dharma Gate.
Clear dust smell speech a smile "a foundation sublimation naturally can’t accumulate, running-in is slow now, but it can also save a lot of time in the future."
"Brother, come here this time?"
"Nature comes from Yingzhou."
Qing Chen immediately explained that "Yingzhou is isolated from the rest of the world, but there are many different kinds of fairies and fairies. To be on the safe side, Uncle Zhang ordered me to go with him."
It doesn’t seem surprising that Qing Wei’s thoughts in his heart can’t help turning the Milky Way Fairy Jun’s knowledge about Yingzhou.
Not only Yingzhou Xinghe Xianjun knows more secrets than Taixu, Wuyue, Disaster and Biyue, but also many secrets.
"How much do you know about Yingzhou?" Qing Wei didn’t bend around and directly distributed justice.
"Not many, but several Taoist friends of mine investigated and speculated that Yingzhou Terran was not extinct."
"Although there were few earthly lives after Yingzhou disappeared, there were still many tribes and countries in the land before it disappeared."
Qingwei heard a moment and immediately couldn’t help but ask, "How did such a big god continent break?"
"Breaking, of course."
Clear the dust with a sigh, and then the starlight outside is like a water curtain covering the core of the boundary sea.
"In ancient times, the contradiction between innate sacredness, fierce beasts and a total of 100 ethnic groups in Shenzhou naturally broke out one day, and it was naturally difficult for nine secluded places to secretly spy on the war."
"Although the innate sacred advantage is great, there are also many contradictions in the central region."
"The Emperor of Heaven ruled for nine days and unified Shenzhou’s heart, but it was as sacred as it was. How many of them were willing to bow down?"
"I don’t know much about what happened in ancient times, but the end of ancient times and the entry into ancient nodes are the demise of all ethnic groups and the rise of terrans."
The second time Qingwei heard the name of the Emperor of Heaven, it was another wave.
"San Xuan’s father is also born sacred. I don’t know the emperor of heaven?"
Qing Chen heard a mysterious smile. "The three ancestors’ status is transcendent, and the trinity power is even more terrible. Even if they live for nine days, it is hard to beat the emperor, and the three ancestors have pointed out many innate sacredness."
"If nature is complete … is there no realm?"
The three founders are perfect in nature, and so are the ghosts, the heavenly emperor …
There seems to be a wave in the eyes of the dust-clearing, and the smell speech is tangled before saying "yes"
Have you been brewing a word for so long …
"The secret flow of nature says that some people will not understand even if they are from poor backgrounds."
"And really want to say words that will be traced back to an era …"
Chapter four hundred and sixty-five Myth preparation
"Era …"
Qing Wei held back her heart and looked forward to seeing Qing Chen.
But see clear dust immediately tone nai way "in an era that is a myth"
"It’s even less known than the ancient times, and it’s said that there is not much knowledge about it in the innate sacredness."
"The three founders, the mother of the nether world, the virgin of Yaochi, and the mother of nature should be figures of an era."
Qing Wei listened attentively, but Qing Chen was obviously not sure about many things, and the narrative in his tone seemed to be just a fairy tale.
"You know about the land, right?"
Nodding his head gently, Qingwei listened to Qingchen and continued, "It is said that great power can enlighten him and me, communicate with all worlds, transcend the true spirit, and sublimate oneself in poverty and heights."
"When it comes to perfection, he and I can naturally evolve with the birth of the world. Unless we can destroy all of him with one blow, we can say that we are immortal."
"That is to say, only by talking can we fight against the theory … even if the fairy holds the magic weapon to fight against the great power, it is difficult to cause effective damage to the great power because of its own lack of quality."
"And an important criterion for a successful breakthrough in the realm of great achievements is to feel the erosion of time."
"And only by condensing what they have learned into their own avenues can they support themselves in the sea of suffering."
"I have only a little knowledge of the details, but it is said that the realm of nature is that it runs through the whole time to wake up the past and occupy many futures. It is unusual to rewrite what has happened."



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