Yang Xu said and looked at the side Yang night held out his hand and shook Yang night hand and said.

"Big Brother!"
Took two steps to hold Yang Shan’s hand and said, "Sister!"
She shook her hand again. "Sister-in-law!"
Turning around and holding Qian Bo’s hand, I sincerely shouted "Grandpa!"
Take a step forward, hold Nan Rong’s magic hand, look at it and ask gently, "What’s your name?"
Nan Ronghuan was the first one among all the stupid natives to look at Yang Xu inexplicably and ask, "What’s wrong with Yang Xu?"
Yang Xu smiled and didn’t speak. He turned around and walked a few steps to the door and waved his hand and said, "Since everyone doesn’t welcome my younger brother, I’ll leave now. See you later!" Say that finish and turn around and go.
This time, Yang night was the first to react. In the previous step, he seized Yang Xu’s arm and asked strangely, "What are you fooling around again? Everyone here has been looking for you all day! "
Yang Xu looked back at Yang Ye with a slow smile and said, "I understand your mood, big brother, but as the saying goes, you’d better let me go if it comes to an end."
Yang night staring eyes looked back at all staring eyes behind Yang Shan Qian Boyun xin and others turned to ask "ah! Are you really fake? "
"Is it true? Call it fake? Hehe, this topic is too profound. Talk about a topic! " Yang Xu said with another hand slowly pushing Yang Ye and dragging his hand to try to break free.
"You really don’t know how to live or die!" Yang night looked at Yang Xu’s so-called face and it was a little angry. "I won’t hit you with peach blossoms all over your face. You don’t know why flowers are so red!"
"Life is sad and death is bitter." Yang Xu still smiled and his expression became more and more serious. "You can hit me, big brother, but even if you beat me, there will be thousands of me in Qian Qian!"
Yang Shan then came up from behind "pa" gave Yang Xu a slap in the head "Yang Xu, are you sick? Is it endless? "
"The elder sister, you just hit me, I don’t hate you, but now you’re still me, but you’re wrong." Yang Xu looked at Yang Shan and smiled faintly. The probe glanced at the back again. "And the eldest sister-in-law smiled when you sneaked over to kick me just now, and you really hurt me, but I won’t hate you."
"Yang Xu, what’s wrong with you?" Even Xin also felt something was wrong behind him.
"I don’t hate a person for nothing, but I hate it for ten years, fifty years or even five hundred years. What hatred can be so great?" Yang Xuwei smiled and said, "You should have a kind heart for this elder sister and that elder sister-in-law … Ah!"
Words don’t say that finish Yang Shan is slapping Yang Xu nasty embrace head squat down to the ground.
"Eldest brother, you see Yang Xu! Don’t you teach him a lesson! " Yang Shan played nasty pull Yang night arm shaking.
Yang night wait for a while looked at squatting Yang Xu and hesitated. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Yang Xu’s back collar, dragging him up and asking word by word, "Do you know me?"
Yang Xu also rubbed his head morosely and heard Yang Ye asking questions. wait for a while looked up and asked, "Aren’t you my big brother?"
Yang stayed for a night and asked, "What’s my name then?"
This Yang Xu was stunned and rubbed his head and thought about it. He looked up and said with surprise, "Chen Haonan!"
As soon as Yang Ye was choked, he grabbed Yang Xu’s hand and choked loose. Then he asked, "Do you know who you are?"
"I am a pheasant! Chen Haonan will always be my big brother! " Yang Xu talking serious patted Yang night on the shoulder.
Yang night leng there slowly turned around and looked back at the people behind him and said, "It seems really crazy."
Yang Shan this nasty suddenly in front of Yang kicking and fighting mouth shouted.
"You give me crazy isn’t it? I told you to play crazy! Let you pretend to be crazy! "
Yang Xu endured two steps back and suddenly grabbed Yang Shan and hit his wrist with a fierce expression and said, "That’s enough! I won’t hit you because you are a woman! I’m afraid of you if you don’t want me! "
Yang Shan froze her wrist and was hurt by Yang Xu’s clutch. Suddenly, tears came to her. She knew Yang Xu too well. Although she had been fighting since childhood, anyway, her second brother would never be so fierce to herself. Now Yang Xu is actually such a reaction. It may be that she is really mentally abnormal. Yang Shan naturally worried and worried. The tears are not painful but scared.
"Yang Xu you won’t be really crazy? It can’t be true, can it? " Yang Shan looked at Yang Xu with tears streaming down her cheeks.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ….." Yang Xu suddenly looked up and laughed. "Others laughed at me for being too crazy. I laughed at others for not being able to see Wuling Haojie’s tomb."
Yang night back and said, "it’s really crazy."
This is behind the even xin, Qian Bo and south glory magic just surrounded to have eyed Yang Xu eyes anxious.
"This, this, this has been fine. Why is the second young master suddenly crazy!" Qian Bo clapped his hands anxiously.
Yang night looked at south glory magic two people looked at each other for a moment tacit understanding is dye-in-the-wood nodded.
"It’s a long way to see you off. I’ll go first. Don’t send you off." Yang Xuxiao waved his hand and patted Yang Shan on the shoulder. "Don’t cry, big sister. It’s time for us to meet again on a warm spring day!"
When Yang Xu finished speaking, he turned around and split Yang Xu’s back neck with a palm, then collapsed and went unconscious.
"Yang Xu!" Yang Shan nasty call a squat body to embrace Yang Xu head.
"It’s okay, he passed out." Yang night touched a squat, and Yang Shan turned his head and said to Nan Rong Magic, "Yang Xu seems to be a little crazy and we don’t know the island." Yang night made a look at Nan Rong Magic and then turned around and took a few steps to put Yang Xu on the bed, and his left arm was secretly tightened.
Nanrong magic got the message and went to Yang night’s side, blocking his strength.
Yang Ye wanted to see if he could find out something about Yang Xu’s body, but he held Yang Xu’s hand and checked Yang Xu’s body. He wondered that Yang Xu had never been hit hard on the head and found no strange special drugs, but how could he be crazy for no reason?
Nan Rong Magic bowed his head and asked Yang Ye. Yang Ye shook his head and pondered. Suddenly he thought of something. When his eyes lit up, he suddenly raised his head and turned to one side with an anxious face. Qian Bo said, "Qian Bo, you should go to the hotel immediately and check if there is a girl named Ma!"
Qian Bo nodded and turned out of the room.
Yang Shan cried and looked at the bed while covering her mouth. Yang Xu said one by one.
"Big brother Yang Xu will, will he get better?"



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