Soon, the mirror in front of me changed and rippled slightly into a state like a water curtain.

"This is! This …! " Ruyan stare big eyes panic took a step back, clutching Yang night sleeves to hide behind him.
Yang night continue to comfort RuYan nothing with a smile and then twist a head to ask south glory illusion "ah! Brother Huan, don’t you say goodbye to your wife Yiping? "
"I left a note for her!" Nan Rong Phantom growled as if he had made great determination, and then he looked around and plunged into the micro-swinging mirror.
"Ah ~ ~ ~! !” Ruyan screamed at the sight, hiding behind Yang night and pointing to the mirror.
"Let’s go, Ruyan. I said I would take you to a new life!" Yang said the night took RuYan hand.
"no! No! " Ruyan was so scared that she broke free and sat back.
Yang night sighed a cruel middle picked RuYan up and jumped into the mirror.
"Hua" There was a huge noise at the door of a bedroom. Duffy gawked at the door of the bedroom with a tea tray and several cups in his hand. He happened to see the last scene-watching the mirror "suck" Mr. Lu and the girl together!
"oh, my god! Oh, my God! " Duffy walked over in a panic and didn’t dare to get too close to the mirror and turned twice. He picked up a bamboo pole hanging curtains from the windowsill and gently poked the mirror one by one.
The mirror has already recovered its hardness and smoothness. Duffy poked it for a few times and found nothing unusual, so he ventured to approach slowly and reached out and touched the mirror carefully. Nothing special? Duffy was a little bolder and walked a few steps before touching the mirror with his hands. It’s an ordinary mirror without flaw.
Is this a magic mirror? Duffy thought hesitated a rule. He whispered, "Mirror, mirror, tell me if the world is my most handsome …"
foreign country
Mrs. Yang Lao has been waiting there, just to be on the safe side, naturally she is still in a coma. Yang Ye and Nan Rong have climbed up from the ground, looked around and then nodded to Mrs. Yang Lao.
Mrs. Yang was staring intently at the ground and lying in a coma, with a faint smile on her face and saying, "Not bad, not bad, not bad. The night was almost as beautiful as your second trip to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan!"
"That is your grandson to me! I can’t humiliate you, and I can’t bear to lower my standards! " Yang Ye smiled and seized the opportunity to kiss up.
"Go to! It is sweet! " Mrs. Yang smiled and glared at Yang Ye and looked up at Nan Rong Huan. She also smiled. "The night attack completed your first domain this time, and I are still satisfied with your performance, but your shortcomings and faults are also prominent in the implementation process. I hope you will learn this lesson, sum up your experience seriously and strictly demand yourself to make continuous efforts to improve and improve every time after completion!" Turn ㄧб k literature network w α р.16 κ. сν
"yes! Xiupo! " Nan Rong suddenly stood at attention, then approached Xiupo with a smile and asked, "Xiupo, what are your shortcomings and problems?"
"During the execution of the night raid, you, as a newcomer, are too dependent on the red dagger, which leads to your own achievements, but it is understandable because it is your first time." Mrs. Yang Lao said and nodded gently.
South glory magic to nervous expression after hearing what Mrs Yang said suddenly relaxed some.
"However, in addition to stricter requirements for you to make you higher, faster and stronger, we consider that you should be allowed to perform it alone."
"ah? When? " South glory magic one leng don’t know if I’m nervous or excited.
Mrs. Yang’s expression is serious. "Just recently, you have to prepare well and strive to achieve good results in the first execution of the red dagger."
"Good grades?" South glory illusion dissatisfaction and left Yang night muttered "what good grades? Bring back two beautiful women? "
"Hey ~ ~ ~ Don’t make progress with an open mind." Mrs. Yang shook her head and glanced at Yang Ye’s expression. "Go home as soon as possible at night. I reported the outstanding performance of the two of you to the domain owner this time. I didn’t say that this Ruyan girl thing must be kept secret!"
"Don’t worry, old lady!" Yang night smiled and gave a hand.
"Well, I have made a mistake! There are three of us who know about this! " Mrs. Yang took a look at Nan Rong Magic again. "If you let the domain master know about this at night, I will let your head fall to the ground!"
Nan Rong-Huan took a step back in fright, stared at Yang Ye and asked, "What if Yang Ye leaked out?"
"I want your head to fall!" Mrs. Yang Lao said firmly
Nan Rong’s phantom expression is dull, take a step back and take a deep bow with his hands clasped in his fists. "It’s really admirable to be a fair and strict night raid!"
"Good night, you stay here now, Ruyan girl, and go home." Mrs. Yang nodded and looked at Yang night and said, "I have to leave one for the night attack. Let me tell him something."
The words sound just fell and a door flashed out. Yang looked at Nanrong at night and smiled. She picked up Ruyan and said to Mrs. Yang, "The old lady, I walked first! By the way, the night attack still needs to be honed. Try to arrange him with a large number of dangers. "
"You! ….. "South glory illusion was about to talk back, Yang night has been holding RuYan jumped into the door.
"Finally back!" Yang night got up from washing the carpet and had a big stretch. Looking at the ground, she was still in a coma. She smiled and squatted and patted her face. "Hey! Hey! Here we are! Car! "
As Yan Yan looked at Yang Yema with his eyes wide open in a daze, he turned over and sat up, stuck to the stall and moved back a few steps. He looked around in surprise and asked, "What is this place?"
Yang Ye smiled and walked over and squatted again. "Silly girl is home. This is my home!"
"Who are you?" Ruyan suddenly asked
"What’s the matter with you, RuYan? I am your brother Yang! " Yang night incredible looked frightened to Yan deeply.
RuYan carefully looked at Yang night recognized slightly relieved some fierce cross-examine again "your home? Is this your home? " RuYan horrified to look around "that … that just now …"
"What happened just now?" Yang night asked with a face of knowledge.
"Just now! Brother nan’s house! That mirror! " Such as yan deeply in said "like black magic! Move! "
Yang night smiled and stretched out his hand and touched as Yan deeply head "what’s the matter? Did you have a nightmare? "
"dreaming?" RuYan bowed their heads and thought for a "is a dream? Then how do we come? How come I don’t remember anything? "
Yang Ye hesitated to open his mouth and explained, "Of course you don’t remember. You may be so sad that you fainted from crying. Didn’t you just wake up!" He stretched out his arms and gestured, "We came to the plane by plane, okay?"



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