One hundred catties of stone lock was carried to his chest with both hands.

"This-"Teng’s clan heads, ordinary children stare big eyes and are extremely nervous. Can Teng Qingshan lift the stone lock over his head?
A low hum TengQingShan once again force the stone lock one breath above his head.
The whole martial arts field was silent. Everyone looked at this scene-a young child raised a hundred kilograms of stone lock over his head. Everyone was dizzy and confused. It took a long time for someone to wake up.
"good!" A shout rang out.
"One hundred catties, haha, Qingshan, this baby is really amazing."
"Castle Peak, he succeeded!"
Suddenly, there was a cheer around and everyone was excited. The history of the Teng clan was finally rewritten. It is a great poverty to be able to lift a hundred Jin of stone locks at the age of six! At the age of six, that’s it. How far will this child reach when he grows up?
Holding a stone lock, Teng Qingshan’s legs didn’t tremble at all, and his arms were more powerful.
"This is not the limit of Castle Peak." Teng Yunlong and many others couldn’t help but tremble.
To reach the limit, your arms and legs should tremble involuntarily.
Stone lock fall crashing to the ground TengQingShan this just take back your hands turned to look at their parents with a smile.
"Brother Fan, your baby is fierce."
"Alan, your castle peak is really … it must be worse than your man."
A group of men and women are all around Teng Yongfan, Yuan Lan, and Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lanfu’s wife are all smiling and excited at this time, and their faces are red with excitement. Tengyongfan looked at Tengqingshan with excitement and pride in his eyes.
"Ha ha … my good grandson, ha ha …" Teng Yunlong excitedly picked up Teng Qingshan. "I, Teng Yunlong, and your great grandson, died in his later years and regretted it …"
Teng Yunlong is very excited.
Having super-strong force will benefit the whole clan.
Around "Castle Peak", many familiar uncles, aunts, etc. all gathered around to praise and spoil Teng Qingshan’s little head.
Today, according to the truth, the six-year-old child’s adult ceremony is even more noticeable after the test. However, because Teng Qingshan was born, the evening adult ceremony was eclipsed a lot, and tonight Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lan became the most dazzling people in the whole Teng family.
Almost everyone around the couple because TengQingShan early excuse’ too sleepy’ to go home.
"Brother, you are so awesome." Sister Qingyutang jumped excitedly. "Then Brother Dashitou lifted it at once."
100 Jin stone lock is not big, of course, it is a big stone for a girl who is only three years old.
Tengqingshan looked at can’t help but smile.
"It seems to be a good thing to show a little strength today." Tengqingshan’s past life was too dark, which led Tengqingshan not to reveal his strength easily. It was the killer organization’ RED’ that Tengqingshan was in possession of one hand.
He escaped death many times because of his possession of one hand.
Now TengQingShan although only six years old.
However, from the age of three to now, I have been practicing hard for three years, especially trying my best to strengthen my physique. Although I am only six years old, my physique is better than my cousin Teng Qinghu when I was nine years old. Teng Qinghu can lift 300 kilograms when I was nine years old.
Teng Qingshan is now easily lifting 300 Jin by muscle strength alone.
This is still not a hard situation. After all, there is no difference between a child’s strength and an adult’s strength. Once TengQingShan hard will burst into terrible strength.
"Huh?" Tengqingshan ears slightly move.
Then I heard the creaking of the courtyard door and saw Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lanfu’s wife come in. At this time, Teng Yongfan’s face was flushed, and the whole person walked a little wobbly. Teng Qingshan smelled the thick alcohol. "The alcohol content of family wine is much lower than that of modern society. How much wine does father have to drink to get drunk like this!"
The wine-making technology in ancient society is far less than that in modern society.
Many people won’t get drunk after drinking an altar of wine.
Teng Yongfan, who can drink a lot, has never seen his father drunk in recent years.
"Ha-ha, green hills come" Teng Yongfan picked up Teng Qingshan at the sight of his son. "Your father, I am really happy today. Ha-ha … I, Teng Yongfan, have such a terrible son, and your name is spread far and wide to let people know that you have a father named Teng Yongfan …"
Teng Yongfan’s tongue doesn’t work.
"All right, brother Fan, sit down and rest." Yuan Lan held Teng Yongfan and sat down.
"How much wine did Mom and Dad drink today?" Tengqingshan is not saying
"Castle Peak, this dinner party family has come to worship your dad one by one. Your dad doesn’t know how to stop drinking alcohol today …" As soon as Yuan Lan said this, Teng Yongfan suddenly shook himself and rushed to the corner of the courtyard to bend over and vomit.
Teng Yongfan drank a lot today.
There is a water tank in the corner of the courtyard. Teng Yongfan grabbed the water ladle and scooped up cold water and fell to his face.
"shout! Much better! " Teng Yongfan straightened up.
"Don’t drink so much later," Yuan Lan said with some pity.
"Ha ha, it’s just that I’m so powerful at once. I have a face as a father." Teng Yongfan vomited once and washed it with cold water, which was much better.
Just then the door rang.
"Knock, knock!"



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