"I don’t know how to get rid of this poison, so I can let her stop doing other things for a while and leave it to her fate," said Butterfly Shadow regretfully.

"Is there really no way?" The wind gently asked
"I really didn’t know that Daizhu has a life span of seven days," said Butterfly Shadow.
"Seven days? It’s too fast! " Qingling’s nose is a little sour
"Sister Daizhu is a good person and a good person should not be short-lived." Xianger said sadly.
"Yes, we have just recognized Sister Dai. She can’t just leave. We have lost our grandmother. She can’t …" Lan You began to cry before she finished.
"You can’t just cry. Do something!" Although the tone of orange ice is hard, I can see that she is really caring.
"Just when Daizhu was in a daze, she said let’s send her back to Tianshan Mountain to find her master." Red tassel and topaz came out of the room.
"Yeah, I heard her say that when we just helped her cover the quilt." Topaz also answered the words.
Ziqin and Dong Jiang came to see so many people piled up here. "What happened to Sister Dai?"
"We have decided to send her back to Tianshan Mountain to find the meditation teacher, and there may be a glimmer of hope," Green Bay told Ziqin.
"Let me see your hand injury first." Butterfly Shadow remembered that Ziqin had just been scratched by Daizhu.
Ziqin raised her hand and Butterfly Shadow read a spell, and then her finger touched the wound with a little blood mark, and immediately there was no white jade arm left.
"It’s amazing!" Dong Jiang sighed
"Is it true?" Xianger couldn’t believe her eyes. She touched Ziqin’s arm and there was nothing left.
"Otherwise, we have a high medical skill in Butterfly Shadow. This minor injury is not difficult for her." Red tassel laughed, but her face turned from sunny to cloudy. "It was Dai Zhu instead."
"Elder sister, don’t worry, we have figured out a way!" Xiaobai will never be sad.
"Hum, it’s not when you just fainted. How did you really get knocked out by the dream crescent?" Green bay despise theory
"Then she’s a monster. How can she hit a monster?" Xiaobai argued
"argue irrationally!"
"You look down on people!"
"Who are you cursing?"
"Ha ha, it’s a nice day today." Xiaobai knew he was getting burned.
Back to the 25 th
The underworld ☆ Dream Moon Palace ◇ Waterfall
Xuefeng saw the crescent moon coming back and ran to her chest. "Crescent moon, who hurt you?"
"Master, I’m fine. Don’t worry. It’s a skin injury." Crescent Moon forced out a smile.
"It’s Shen Daizhu, right?" Real just snow maple see her sample has guessed a few minutes.
"It is estimated that she will not live long." Crescent revealed a sneer.
"What did you do to her?"
"Nothing, just give her some medicine. I’ll go back to my room first, master. You turn slowly."
People ☆ seven stars don’t Zhuang ◇ the gate.
Butterfly Shadow went to find a carriage to send Daizhu back to Tianshan Mountain. Now she can’t be hurt by magic.
"Be careful on the road." Red tassel put the baggage to the car. "This is something to eat. If you are hungry, eat something."
"We know, don’t worry, elder sister, I will take good care of them." Because of her good kung fu, she decided to send Daizhu back with Butterfly Shadow Wind.
"Second sister, be careful all the way and don’t hurt anyone." Lan You told her that she knew Orange Ice’s temper.
"Well, it’s getting late. We have to hurry. How else can we send Daizhu back in seven days?" Butterfly shadow urges orange ice.
"Good brothers, you and I have never been separated this time. Take care." Xiao Bai patted the wind on the shoulder
"Come on, when will you get up like me?" The wind wants to ease a sour atmosphere.
"You also know that you are a mother-in-law!" Small white said with a heavy hit the wind.
After the carriage left, Ziqin said, "I hope God will bless Sister Daizhu to spend this time safely."
"I’m sure she will," Dong Jiangan comforted.
A few times ago, I said that the dragon king Er Xiaolong was stopped by orange ice in the street. This dragon wandered around all day, that is, wandering around brothels to find girls. He has always been petty, and he has always been worried about that incident and wants to make any mischief.
"Did you find out the tough girl who stopped my horse?" The giant dragon glared at the giant salamander next to his eyes.
"Just … just found out about her. You can’t afford to offend this tone. Just bear with it!" The viper twitched with fear.
"well? Is there anyone else I can’t afford to offend? Joke! Let’s hear it. "Xiaolong became interested in this" not to be taunted "person.
"I trotted all over the rivers, including the gutter, and asked several similar people, including shrimp, crabs and big clams …" The fish monster gushed.
"Get to the point!" Jilong has long been impatient.
"Oh, she is the fiercest of the jade emperor’s sisters who have just died …" The sterilized girl gasped.



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