See Su Yi face that show tears wet appearance Gu Huai bowed their heads and brimming with chest tear pain don’t face away.

"Xier, are you all right?"
Qin Rui’s eyes seem to be glowing with blue and black eyes, and the bottom of his eyes is still faintly bloodshot and tired. When he sees Gu Jinxi, his eyes are still shining, and his worries look unreal.
"I just asked you to borrow a few people. What are you doing so much?"
Looking at the front gate of Hengwu Garden, the body-guards are holding their hands and squatting on the ground. In the end, many people are absolutely more than fifty. Although this effect is immediate, it will become a taboo for these people in Hengwu Garden in the future.
"They deserve it if they dare to attack Princess Wang!"
Qin Rui smell speech eyes color a heavy tone with if there is like LengLi.
"What are you going to do with these people?"
Watched Qin Rui Zhou Shen chill seems to be some uncontrollable john young hurriedly gather together for fear that my grandfather can’t help but go this time; When the corner of his eye blows to shivering Qian Shi and Sioux City, he shakes his head when he is really learning not to be good. Even if the aunt is divorced from her family, it is even worse for her grandfather to hold a top-notch person … Looking at Gu Huaiyuan’s identity from her back doesn’t seem as simple as they think. If it is really their guess, the line of sight will sweep Su Yi and Gu Jinxi, and they will even soar again.
Those who look down on their family members and come to find fault with the Sioux family; People there are not as accommodating as they are.
Qin Rui coldly leer at those trembling people.
"Even if you are a sovereign, why should you arrest us?" Previously, the troublemaker suddenly got up and was abruptly crushed by the body-guard.
But if there is one, there will be another.
"Even if we haven’t done anything illegal, why do you arrest us?"
"The report report is amazing and can disregard for human life arrest people casually?"
It is more and more ugly to watch the words of those who resist the people one after another; Qin Rui’s coolness is becoming more and more prosperous. Qian Shi and Sioux City seem to have some confidence.
"Your report, even if Gu Jinxi is your fiancee, don’t you think it’s too much to protect her so indiscriminately?" Qian’s head held high, "you’d say something about our other words wrong? Our Su family raised her Su Yi for fifteen years. She said that she would be cut off if she broke off. Isn’t it that she can’t raise an immature baiwenhang? "
Uniform body-guard monitoring can resist people, after all, it is a minority, and soon those sounds are suppressed; Past finish in the end seems to be some humbled looked up and quickly saw Qin Rui one eye, clutching the Sioux City arms and legs next to weakness almost can’t live.
Suddenly I don’t know where it came from. A sneer.
They looked around only to see that the woman in the lake blue shirt and skirt smiled with a smile from "baiwenhang?" Mrs. Su, I respect Mr. Su and Mrs. Su for their kindness to my mother, but you and Su Cheng hum! My mother can’t raise a baiwenhang. What are you? "
"You …" Have long learned Gu Jin sunseeker tooth sharp mouth, she naturally dare not refute.
"Why? Why don’t you say that Sioux City invaded Princess Xia Liang and almost caused war between the two countries? Princess Cheryl wants Sioux City dead. Why didn’t you say so? Why didn’t you say anything about saving Sioux City’s life and forcing my parents to leave you? " Gu Jinxi’s line of sight swept the common people. "Dear uncles and aunts, I Gu Jinxi here have the courage to say this. Sue’s family has been nurturing my mother for fifteen years; But Sue’s family made Sioux City live with gratitude and forced my mother and my father to make peace with each other when they left. "
"Miss Gu, that’s not right. That’s fifteen years of parenting!" There was a strange retort in the crowd at once
"oh? So this big brother means that even if you are made to love your mother and leave you, you don’t think there is anything that should be raised for 15 years. You should take whatever you want from the Su family? " Gu Jinxi looked at the man coldly. "You can’t pay it off until you die?"
"This …" The man was silent. "After all, it costs a lot of money to raise your mother for fifteen years, doesn’t it?"
"That’s it!"
Gu Jinxi looked at Sioux City and Qian Shi with a slight smile. "Do you want me to give my mother a gift list for the holidays in these years? See if it is worth the annual discount of 22 thousand silver. They have raised my mother for fifteen years!"
Quiet as death.
Silence or silence?
Gu Jinxi looked at Sioux City and Sioux City coldly. "Now that we have said it today, let’s make it clear in front of the big brothers and sisters that my mother and my father two of a kind shouldn’t elope. It’s what my daughter can’t say, but … she raised her hand and pointed to Sioux City." My parents eloped and really affected your daughter’s marriage? "
"That’s natural!" Qian let out a light hum from his nose.
"How did the imperial house in the palace hear another" Gu Jinxi sneered. "After my father and my mother got married, didn’t you already remove my mother’s name from the Su family tree? Since my mother is no longer a Sioux, why talk about affecting marriage? Or do you think that even so, my mother must treat them like cows and horses? "
"This …"
"You’re lying!" Qian’s head was bent and her teeth were gnashed.
"Oh?" Gu Jin sunseeker corners of the mouth oblique hook "do you want to please the empress dowager to listen to farce report was also on the spot; If you don’t want to believe that you have to meet the saint, Gu Jinxi is willing to go to the palace for nine times; But you have to think about it. This crime of deceiving the monarch is to punish the nine families! "
Qian’s smell speech made his legs soft in an instant.
"Why don’t you dare to confront each other?" Gu Jinxi coldly looking at Qian’s "dare to fool the people and admit it?" You know she’s going to do this today? Because we have lost contact with Sue’s family, but she is trying to get her daughter married from my Hengwu Garden. But if Gu Jinxi’s private house is concerned, is it not for others to get married from my unmarried young lady’s private house? Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that her daughter Su Meng was originally sold by her own sister to Zuo Xiangfu as a wife, and you must have heard about it. "
"I didn’t expect them to be such people." Some people in the crowd have regretted it.
"Miss Gu is sorry!"
A barrage of apologies sounded. Gu Jinxi looked at the whole gate of Heng Wuyuan, and there was no room for her feet. She smiled softly and spoke from "I don’t blame you for this." Ye Zhenniang had slipped out the former fanning crowd and threw it to the ground. "That Qian bought this man. Do you think if someone gave you eggs just now?"


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