Although Chen Guo is a medium-sized country with a population of tens of millions, there are still many practitioners of immortals, especially scattered practitioners, and it is often difficult for scattered practitioners to make up their minds.

From this, Chen Jiasheng’s way is good
Willy stepped into the ya fog in a black robe, and soon there were two gas refining periods, three or four floors of which were still young. Chen Guren came to meet him respectfully and invited him in to pour tea and water, but his words were also vaguely sounding the purpose of Willy. "People heard that Xiuhu Villa had just been well-off for generations to run pawn business, and they wanted to exchange one or two magic devices." Willy said quietly while drinking tea. "Of course, it would be appropriate if there were excellent techniques."
"the spirit?" With a slight quiver, the two young men immediately understood that this man was by no means a high-ranking monk in the gas refining period as they imagined, but actually looked respectful during the construction period. The young man’s face stood in awe and repeatedly called out, "Please take a seat in this matter, and the younger generation will also be the master to invite uncle and grandpa."
Willy casually nodded his head.
The young man went and went back soon, pouring tea and water, and being diligent. A senior called affectionate.
After a while, a loud sound came up. "I don’t know if Fang Daoyou’s visit to Chen Mou is far away. Please forgive me."
Blink of an eye at the door and strode into a gray-bearded but youthful-looking old man who was full of energy. When he saw throb, he revealed a businessman’s unique smile. "Chen Mou is the second in charge of the villa. Have you seen Daoyou?"
? "
"My family name is Ding" is not salty or light, and "When Ding is precious, Chen Er is in charge, please get down to business"
"It turned out to be Ding Daoyou." It’s not the first time that the old man surnamed Chen met this kind of customer. Instead, such acute people can earn him more money, so they narrowed their eyes and went directly to the topic. "I wonder if Ding Daoyou has special requirements for horoscopes? In addition, according to the quality, the magic words of the achievement method are divided into the initial order, the top order, the initial order and the intermediate order. According to Daoyouxiu, we should not pay attention to the top order achievement method. There are all the top sects who have learned, but there is a step achievement method.
? "
"Lingqi to or extremely order achievement method to see first" throb said slowly.
The old man surnamed Chen’s face suddenly sank and became a little embarrassed. "It turns out that Daoyou came to find fault with Lingqi, but you can’t ask for it. Even if you have it, you can’t sell it to Ding Daoyou. Your tone is not too big."
"Find fault?" With a wave of his hand, a large number of Zhongling stones appeared on the coffee table, piled up like a mountain, shining and the essence of aura scattered.
In fact, it is just looking at how many there are actually hundreds of Lingshi, but when it comes out, it is quite shocking. Although the old man surnamed Chen is expensive, when he sees so many Lingshi, he is also shocked and greedy, thinking about how to kill this man named Ding Black.
"You’re right, Ding Mou is here to find fault." The black fog suddenly became thick like a fish, and the room was like a ghostly howl.
"Ghost ~"
The old man surnamed Chen turned pale and exclaimed.
There should be another chapter on the second night, but I just want to go out for dinner. No
No matter how late it is, there will always be a chapter to count today.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Search the soul
The old man surnamed Chen’s reaction is also extremely sensitive. After screaming in horror, he was swept back with a burst of fire. At this moment, his only thought is to save his life. His two talents are not bad, and his grandnephew can’t consider so much.
He dodged quickly, but throb’s ghost dodging was even more remarkable, especially in the * * blessing of the nether world, when he appeared at the door, he hit a claw and quipped at the same time, "Want to go? Joke: "I’m ready for thunder. Where can I let this second-floor monk with a foundation period run away?"
A few feet wide, the ghost claw broke free and went away. In this manufacturing environment of the ghost, the ghost claw is still like a dragon returning to the sea, and its power has soared by tens of percent and it is domineering.
The old man surnamed Chen also had to stop abruptly in the middle and turn his body around. A single palm and a clap of a quintessential flame turned into a huge palm to meet the ghost claws.
At the same time, the two young people also used their posture to sweep away, but in the eyes of people in the construction period such as throb, their speed was too slow, and dozens of ghosts swept away and haunted them all over the body. Their speed was suddenly stagnant, like being stuck in a quagmire, and their faces became more fearful in pallor.
"Roar" a head covered in black and white three feet to make a tiger roar when a figure passes by.
Suddenly pouncing on the two young people, this tiger has been kept for many years by willy, and the spirit beast eats the soul. The shadow tiger is not yet completed, but it has almost ten levels of strength in the gas refining period. It is simply overqualified to deal with these two young players in the early stage of gas refining.
Boom flame palm ghost claw severely collided at the same time, the moment generate out of the violent air billow rushed to the house to decorate the dust and dust fragments touched the flame burning and splashing. The palm has cracked, but the ghost claw is hanging around for a few days, but it is still catching at him.
The Ghost Claw of the Ghost was originally an excellent spell in the Yin evil spirit Sect, and throb liked it very much. After a lot of hard work, how can it be so easily shattered in the blessing of the Ghost? Taking advantage of the fact that the old man surnamed Chen suffered from the state of anti-shock instantaneous absence, he grabbed him in his hand.
To deal with this kind of repair, the monk is higher than himself. He dared not be too careless, but he dared not catch this opportunity when the waves were too long. A hand was raised, and a wailing sounded, and a violent rotation of cyan Guanghua broke out.
The "front" is dull and overflowing.
An aura is good, and the shield is blocked in front of the old man surnamed Chen. Two intersecting blows are directly cut into a deep groove in that shield, and the aura is greatly reduced. The old man surnamed Chen was pale and horrified, but he directly begged for mercy. "Brother Ding has something to say about how much the Zhao family paid, and we will give him ten times." Willy was also surprised that his defense shield was good, and he built a layer of foundation to repair his strength and urge the wheel of the silence method to fail to explode. You should know that the wheel of the silence method is not only comparable to the rare thing of the spirit device, but also very good at cutting. Obviously, it should be a piece of the spirit device, feeling the shock and waves. Obviously, the violent impact just now was too severe.
When he begged for mercy and surrendered, he was bluffing. If he didn’t do it, he would have to kill him once he did it, leaving no future trouble. He snorted and raised his hand slightly. When the ghost guard didn’t even have the stealth interest, he suddenly and violently plundered and went to the double stab to advance, a black brilliance broke out.
Boom just broke free from the claw of the ghost. Where is the old man surnamed Chen who can hide too fast? The ghost ghost guard is famous, especially this ghost ghost guard has been nourishing the soul tower for so many years. It often devours the flesh and blood of the monster beast and has been promoted to the third level of power. Should we underestimate it?
Wouldn’t it be in vain to spend so much money to buy the monster beast’s body from time to time?
The double stab with the deep and remote black Guanghua critically hit the shield, which was already wounded. The spirit shield was divided in the black generate, and the ghost ghost guard was castrated, but the sharp stab hit his chest. The old man surnamed Chen was wrapped in a hazy flame and tried his best to dodge.
The house is dark and foggy, and it is a bit creepy.
Make a few squeaks. An evil spectre surges out from a black banner. The figure is times larger than that of an ordinary spectre. The momentum is extremely strong. The whole body is full of resentment and squeaks, and its teeth are violently thrown at the old man named Chen.
This spectre impressively was originally collected by throb, and Li Changan has been refined into a ghost’s main soul. Although it is far less powerful than it was before his death, it is several times fiercer than ordinary spectres. It leads the ghostly environment, and the spectres are a few times fiercer than usual, and they are often used as cannon fodder fields again.
Hundreds of spectres have been filled with this not-too-small environment, and dozens of them have climbed to the old man named Chen, whose body is densely packed like a bee colony, and his claws scratch and teeth bite away. The real yuan shield of the old man named Chen is declared broken, and the spectre suddenly takes advantage of it and bites his flesh and blood.
Sad and torn, the call keeps ringing, but ghosts eat themselves and blink like maggots attached to bones. For example, the old man surnamed Chen can’t shake them off, and suddenly they become a bare skeleton. * * When they die, they condense and the living soul wants to escape, they have already stood aside and throbbed the ghost claw to fly out again and grabbed the living soul.
In its twittering and moaning, throbbing hands covered the eyes of the living soul, and the evil spirit wrapped tightly around the hair of the living soul. The wind automatically shook the body, and the brand of the memory of the living soul had not dissipated. In various scenes, the characters surged into throbbing mind, and a drop of sweat dripped from his forehead. It was only a matter of time before this spell was used, but it was also the first time after he learned it.
Willy, such a repairman, used the soul searching technique too reluctantly and consumed too intensely, which could not last long. Fortunately, perhaps it was the thing that was deeply impressed in his memory, and it was not long before Willy got the desired result.
It’s a big relief to take back my mind at the same time. It’s only after such a short time that I’m tired of tossing and shaking. Fortunately, I got what I wanted with good luck. I naturally can’t throw it into the ghost banner directly because it’s too rough. I barely squeeze the method, and it’s as miserable as the ghost banner. I’m afraid the ghost hand will suddenly pull the already weak old man’s soul into it.
But soon disappeared into shape.
Willy immediately swallowed two pills of qi-returning pills and didn’t pack up all ghosts, but prompted hundreds of spectres to fly out from the window and door.
In those two three or four layers of refined gas, they have already been haunted by ghosts and ghosts, and then they have been killed by the soul-eating shadow tiger, and they have been swallowed by the shadow tiger one by one.



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