Close your eyes Yan Liang stopped talking Wei Yuan was right. Although Qi Guo and his party suffered a big loss, they made it clear that she and Liu Tianzhao had always suspected something.

If Li Zhao will easily defect, she doesn’t believe it. It must be because of more important people or things that he betrayed and abandoned them, and that person should be his sister. He never gave up looking for it and took it as a top priority.
Presumably, he has found a family reunion now, but he has to abandon their brothers who have been with him for more than ten years.
I can imagine the pain in my heart. She is so much worse. Ji Yue must be in a terrible mood now.
When she got back to the imperial capital Zou Qitai and Hu Guqiu knew about it, she thought Zou Qitai would commit suicide because of it.
Grasp Weiyuan’s hand and feel his fingers warm. He is alive and she is alive, which is enough. 1. Going to jail.
Everything seems to be peaceful when entering Dayan territory. Instead of returning to his fief, Xiaoli also ran to Dayan. I don’t know what he thinks, but it is also dangerous for him to return to his fief now.
He killed Xiao Ting. That’s Qi Guotai, his brother. Even if Xiao Tinghu died, his brother’s name was forgotten.
Night arrival stopped at an inn in a small town on the edge.
Yan cool carriage attracted everyone to look up.
"In a coma for four days, you finally woke up! Dr. Wang of Weijun is just like you. If I come to treat you, you will wake up in two days. "Ning Xiaoyue was severely hit. Although she is a doctor, she also dabbled in medical skills, but since Dr. Weiyuan came, everyone has refused to let her treat it, which is very discriminatory.
"You? Estimate Yan catching head is really dead in the past "LiuTianZhao dare not do anything big, but the mouth is still good to blow.
Ning Xiaoyue stared at Liu Tianzhao, and they stared at each other. It seems that the two of them are having fun.
"Sister, do you feel better?" Because one shoulder bone was broken, Qi Yue’s sword was carried by Yue Shan, and his face turned pale and he didn’t look very comfortable.
"Well what about you? It’s strange to look at him without a broadsword. "Looking at him from the eyebrow eye, I can see that he is in pain because Li Zhao is very hurt."
"I have to recuperate for a while." The broken shoulder bone is not an ordinary fracture, but it hurts now.
"Let’s talk about these things when we get back to the emperor. I guess we all have to be investigated in isolation", including both of them, which almost killed them.
Jiyue nodded. "Well," of course he knew that.
"Advanced to say again" Weiyuan arm to help her waist now Weiyuan before Jiyue has not covered up.
And Qi Yue obviously already knows, but he won’t say anything about it, because Li Zhao thinks he thinks more things at this time.
Besides, Weiyuan and Yan Liang are adults, and adults need others to intervene to solve their own problems.
Take a deep breath and a pain in his heart. At Weiyuan Yan Liang didn’t stop him from moving.
After this life-and-death battle, some things seem to become less important.
In front of the carriage, Xiao Li came. He wore a purple robe and a knife-shaped eyebrow. At first glance, it was very bright.
But at this moment, his face can see more things, such as weakness, paleness and some pent-up anger.
When he came, he glanced at Wei Yuan and Yan Liangshen and turned around. "Is Yan Shoutou awake?"
"Are you?" The wound on the edge of his forehead, where the hair is covered, has not recovered, and he is badly hurt.
"I can’t die for a while" came over and he tilted his head slightly, and then his eyebrows puckered, which really hurt.
Yan Liang ignored him and walked slowly into the inn along Weiyuan strength.
Walking these steps on the second floor makes Yan Liang feel difficult to breathe. The red doll kicked her heart and it still hurts so much after so many days.
"Does it hurt? You really need to have a good rest. I’ve never seen you so weak. "Wei Yuan took her by the arm and whispered that he was like the warm wind in spring, which made her feel better."
"If you keep talking in my ear, I won’t feel any pain." I said this sentence by looking directly at Yan’s cold face expression in front.
Wei Yuan raised an eyebrow and then looked down at her. "If this is a love story, you should say it in a gentle tone instead of swearing."
"How to recognize is sweet nothings? You need treatment for this ear, or maybe you can let NingXiaoYue treat you with a "tight lips slightly bent Yan cool light way.
"Then I will be completely deaf." Ning Xiaoyue’s autopsy may be very powerful. He is a first-class person, but it is absolutely impossible to treat patients
"Weiyuan, you are so ugly." A faint smile floats on her face. Obviously, her mood is not the same as her speech.
"Isn’t this a fact?" Took her into Fang Weiyuan and leaned over to pick her up horizontally.
Immediately twisted his eyebrows and stared at him coldly. "What do you do?"
"Do what? You’ve been in a coma for four days, and I’ve been transporting you like this. "I looked at her with my eyes hanging down, and his eyes were covered with smiles and charming as the sun."



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