The reason Ji Xiaoxiao suddenly died and was at a loss. When people saw that Yu Tai-yi turned around, they put a little bit of realization. When they fell behind Gu Jinxi and Ye Zhenniang, the eyes were full of anger. "Yu Tai-yi, what do you mean?"

Can’t all of them compare with this little girl? Did he go out in a hurry just now to find this little girl for help? Most doctors in the field have this idea in their hearts. After all, Gu Jinxi said that she would practice medicine to save people, and they all believed her. But they really don’t say that her medical skills are higher than anyone else in their place.
Yu Taiyi’s attitude towards Gu Jinxi is not good or bad; But now even the Lord of the Kingdom has put all his eggs in one basket. The only person who hopes to crush her body and has the ability to die after all. He doesn’t have the cold hum from his nose and raises his hand toward Gu Jinxi. "Miss Gu, please!"
Everyone still has a deep dissatisfaction in their hearts, but they can hear Yu Tai-yi’s poor tone and understand others. Everyone knows that this is a precursor to his anger. Anyway, since he talked, they didn’t stop Leigh; What’s more, the mother of the country has taken this responsibility, and they are worried about how they can explain to the Lord!
"…" Gu Jin sunseeker didn’t say anything, sideways toward the cure too much slightly; Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and then open your eyes, but your eyes are clear. Look at the gorgeous bed, Ji Xiao, Xia Liang, the mother of the country, Dad, Mother, and Ye Zhenniang followed.
Behind them, they are a little young and energetic, and the corners of their mouths are slightly hooked with a thick disdain, especially when they see Ye Zhenniang busy checking the appearance of Ji Xiaoxiao.
This guy’s dead, and he’s not pretending. What is it?
Gu Jin sunseeker has already taken out the silver needle and put it in the thin gauze. Even so, outsiders can still see them move …
"How about it?" Ye Zhenniang looked at Gu Jinxi with some worries and frowned slightly. "Her pulse is really gone!"
"The pulse has indeed stopped, but there is still a faint breath." After I really checked it, Gu Jin’s original heart seemed to finally fall, and his face looked a little better. I don’t know what the lower abdomen always has a very bad feeling. It feels like a dull pain. This feeling is especially like looking back every time a wedding comes. It seems that she hasn’t come for two months because of the cold. She was never allowed to have a wedding, and she was not too sorry. What’s more, she took a deep breath and turned to look at the situation. Ye Zhenniang: "But this breath seems to be blocked by something. It should be that the blood stasis has not dispersed after the previous poisoning. Later, you will try to get through these big holes in the chest of Xia Liang’s mother. I will coach her with silver needles. The toxicity has slowly dissipated. It should be that the blood stasis has blocked the trachea and caused temporary suffocation."
Ye Zhenniang knows some medical skills, but it’s all by herself. It’s also incomprehensible to what Gu Jinxi said. However, if your young lady says that she is definitely thinking about her, she will take off her shoes and climb into bed to help Ji Xiaoxiao up. She is sitting cross-legged behind Ji Xiaoxiao.
"Cure too much in their this is …" Suddenly not far from the summer cool too hospital line was stunned; Is it true that all of them are wrong in their diagnosis? Is it true that this country has not failed?
Doctor Yu’s complexion is also very ugly, but his eyes suddenly lit up when he saw Gu Jinxi take out the needle sac from his small bag. Acupuncture of the ancestors of the western Chu medicine family Although the medicine family has been wiped out, it is hidden that this is the last person of the medicine family. "Don’t make trouble and watch!"
As he gently reprimanded those who were whispering or whispering to each other were silent, and looked up at Gu Jinxi, as if it were a joke to move the needle root without checking it.
"Nonsense!" Finally, someone couldn’t help but stare at a man who was about the same age as the doctor too much, and his eyes widened. "Are you so old that you really watched them fool around with the mother of the country?"
Yu Taiyi’s complexion is also very ugly at the moment. Although he doesn’t know acupuncture himself, at least he knows that acupuncture points must be checked before acupuncture. After all, everyone’s physique is different, and the position of acupuncture points also has a slight deviation. And look at the place where Gu Jinxi’s needle is slightly wrong. Even a healthy person can’t die again. "This is personally instructed by the Lord!"
"The Lord has deceived them. If the Lord sees this, will he still agree?" The cure too much looked at Gu Jin Sunseeker’s face. It was really bad. His voice did not fall. He raised his hand and lifted his clothes. He went directly to Gu Jin Sunseeker and others and dumped his sleeves violently. "Are you afraid of taking responsibility for the old man? Are you afraid that other people will fiddle with it at will?"
"Doctor Li!" Doctor Yu reached out and tried to catch the old doctor, but doctor Li was already determined. Where would he catch him?
When several doctors are arguing, Ye Zhenniang holds Ji Xiaoxiao with both hands, and the force behind it is continuously transmitted to Ji Xiaoxiao. Then Gu Jin sunseeker silver needle will slowly dissolve the chest congestion of Ji Xiaoxiao.
"You are simply Hu …" Li Cure too much before going to bed. Before he finished, he suddenly saw Ye Zhenniang sitting up with his hand. He had been recognized as a dead man by them. Ji Xiaoxiao suddenly opened his mouth and turned out to be a direct spit with black blood. "Poof-"
Sitting opposite Ji Xiaoxiao, she couldn’t dodge the needle Gu Jinxi, and the bright green clothes were immediately polluted. But she didn’t respond, but in an orderly way, she took back Ji Xiaoxiao’s silver needle number.
It was not until Ji Xiaoxiao was put in bed that Ye Zhenniang freed her hand to see Gu Jinxi. "Miss, are you okay?"
"Mother!" Cure too much Li suddenly felt that his eyes were transfixed. He hurriedly stepped in the previous step without directly pulling the curtain, and even forgot to feel the pulse across the brocade handkerchief, so he directly grabbed Ji Xiaoxiao’s wrist. I couldn’t believe it when I detected the faint but true pulse. "This, this, this, how is that possible?"
Doctor Yu seems to have found something, too. He lifted his clothes and posed three steps and two steps ago, "What happened to Lao Li?"
"No, no, it’s not impossible for you to show this to the mother of the country!" Li Cure too much at the moment without a pull too cure too much directly to Ji Xiaoxiao wrist to plug in the past.
Those young people who cure too much on the original Hou steps also seem to have noticed something in twos and threes; Is Ye Zhenniang and Gu Jin sunseeker to squeeze into the side; But it’s nothing for two people.
"Miss, we made it!" Ye Zhenniang stared at the scene stupefied, and even her eyes were flushed with a rare scarlet; It is no wonder that Ye Zhenniang, who has always been calm, can’t help but exclaim. Ji Xiaoxiao was sentenced to death, but she came back to life. The chest congestion is hard to disappear, but now they are successful
Gu Jin sunseeker has lost more than half of his life, and his cheeks are already skin and bones. Now she seems to be looking at Ye Zhenniang’s thin lips in disbelief and mumbling "Success?" We really succeeded? "
"Uh-huh! Success! " Ye Zhenniang nodded and turned to look at those who were excited and crowded to give Xia Liang’s mother the pulse and cure too much. Her eyes were red and she was already flooded. "Look, miss!"
Miss, you see, the maternal toxicity of Xia Liangguo has dissipated, and the last mouthful of toxic blood has come out. It’s okay. It’s really okay! "People don’t know, but she is very clear about how hard it is for the Seven Immortals antidote to miss herself.
"How is it possible to cure too much?" Previously, the young doctor who treated the doctor too much squeezed out from the crowd with a deep disbelief. The slouched appearance seemed to have been deeply hit and shocked. Previously, almost all of them took turns to pulse the mother of the country, and there was no pulse. Otherwise, the Lord valued and felt for the mother of the country, and they dared to come to that conclusion casually, but what had died was now resurrected.
Doctor Li is not young and has been in the hospital for so many years. He is a famous old pedant, but now he is so excited that his hands are shaking slightly like a child. It seems that he can’t believe that he feels "I am really wrong to be old?"
"…" Cure too much at the moment in the same place in a daze eyes DengYuan body stiff stay wait for a while couldn’t say anything; His thin lips slightly closed and he turned to Gu Jin Sunseeker with thick disbelief. So many of them didn’t see that she was so simple. It was just an hour or two … He also hoped that he was wrong, but it was in vain that the whole hospital people were still inferior to a little girl who had not yet been married. It was simply …
Listen to her words with Ye Zhenniang’s help. Gu Jinxi turned to look at Ye Zhenniang’s eyes excited and nervous with a little smile on her pale face. In the past three months, my nerves have been tense and suddenly relaxed, and I feel that I am black at the moment. The whole person turned out to be straight towards the back. Chapter 35 Impossible!
"Miss miss!" Ye Zhenniang’s original face was suddenly frozen with a smile. The whole person felt that her eyes were wide open. She quickly picked up Gu Jin’s face in the previous step with great tension and felt that her heart was almost jumping out of her throat. She was pale. I have always been calm and trembling. "Miss, are you all right, Miss?"
Looking at Ye Zhenniang’s thin body, Gu Jinxi tasikmalaya picked up those who wanted to help cure too much before, and Ye Zhenniang pinched the sweat. After all, although Gu Jinxi was thin, his weight was there. And Ye Zhenniang’s legs are trembling. They are very worried about whether this Ye Zhenniang will suddenly throw Gu Jinxi. After all, looking at Ye Zhenniang’s body is nothing compared with those five big and three thick and powerful mammy in the palace.
"All the leng wear stem? Still not quick to help? " Seeing this, Doctor Li quickly lowered his voice and drank lightly.
Just now, those people who were stupefied and cured too much seemed to finally return to absolute being. Looking at Gu Jinxi’s pale face and fainting in Ye Zhenniang’s arms at the moment, they all felt a little scared. Many people still felt a little guilty at the bottom of their eyes. Just now, their words were still ringing in their ears. A little girl who had not yet recovered her mother from the brink of life and death was so tired that she fainted in the past. Compared with her, these healthy men were inferior. Anyway, they were the leaders of the whole Xia Liangguo Qihuang medical profession, but before Gu Jinxi.
Doctor Li is a senior doctor. At this moment, he frowned and looked around quickly. Then he went to the soft couch next to the window and said to Ye Zhenniang, "Sister Ye, put Miss Gu here quickly. If you don’t mind letting the old man diagnose Miss Gu?" Regardless of Gu Jinxi’s identity, no matter what happened before, a doctor will not be indifferent when he sees a patient. What’s worse, Gu Jinxi’s identity is that they are the princess of Xia Liang country. Even if these are not mentioned, she is the benefactor who saved them in Xia Liang by herself. What’s more, he and Ji Jia are very special. This is Ji Jiazhong’s granddaughter. No matter whether it is emotional or public or private, he can’t watch Gu Jinxi faint and be indifferent.
"This Miss Gu’s body is too weak." Next to the young doctor, she suddenly looked a little embarrassed. It seems that she thought that she was embarrassed to accuse Gu Jin of sunseeker. She gently coughed with one hand and put her lips on her lips. "Cure too much, you can also show it to Miss Gu." This Miss Gu is also very precious.
"Don’t you worry about Lao Li’s medical skills?" Yu Cure too much grumpily stared at the young Cure too much, but he still moved slowly. Gu Jinxi himself is a doctor and should know something about himself. Just now, when she was outside the Orchid Hall, she found that the toxic antidote of the Seven Immortals was difficult to match. Others didn’t know it, but he knew it. Even though those people just accused Gu Jin of sunseeker, he didn’t. Of course, he didn’t deny that his prejudice against Gu Jin sunseeker was that she did what she couldn’t do, not that she didn’t treat her because of this prejudice, but that she believed in Doctor Li and Ji Xiaoxiao’s breathing, although she had recovered, but she was still very weak. He still needed a good examination to take the right medicine.
For these cure too much Ye Zhenniang also didn’t blame too much; Different positions are just hanging eyes and looking at Gu Jin Sunseeker’s increasingly thin cheeks with a deep love in her heart. She carefully put Gu Jin Sunseeker on the soft couch next to her, and her anxious hand has involuntarily explored Gu Jin Sunseeker’s wrist. I don’t know but I was shocked. Ye Zhenniang, who is as slippery as a ball pulse, feels that she is as straight as a bolt from the blue on the spot as if all the movements around her have disappeared; My eyes are wide open, and I can’t believe that there are only three words left in my conscious mind-impossible!
"Doctor Li!" Young doctor too much has handed the medicine box to doctor too much Li, but Zhen Niang didn’t pay much attention to it in the middle of stare blankly until she saw doctor too much Li take it from Gu Jinxi’s wrist. My heart is almost jumping out of my throat. Her eyes are round and staring at Miss Li, who is just good at her own things …
"Li Taiyi, is Miss Gu all right?" Cure too much and make a follow-up visit to Ji Xiaoxiao again to make sure that the body has nothing to do with it. It is only after that that it can be squeezed into the soft couch of Gu Jin Sunseeker and see Gu Jin Sunseeker’s pale face. I don’t know what it is, but I feel a little distressed.
Li Cure too much brow frowning slightly turned to look at those around a cure too much looks ugly "you all around here to do nothing to do, isn’t it? The mother of the country is all right, so please report to the Lord; And you, you … hurry back to the hospital to take medicine. It’s okay to go back to see a doctor. The whole hospital is actually inferior to a little girl who has not yet been married! "
"…" Those who are a little younger and cure too much heard that Dr. Li said so, although they are very curious about what happened to Gu Jinxi, but they all want to send them away from the words in Dr. Li’s words. They are not so ignorant. Even the weakest imperial palace hospital is bound to remember that there are some things that forbid the palace to live. The more you know, the faster you die!
Look at me, I’ll look at you. Even if you have a heart to find out, you can’t help but put out your mind when you see the face of Doctor Li. Yu Cure too much slightly thought for a while and turned around with those people.
As those people turned around together, they were stopped by Dr. Li, "Old to wait!"
"Huh?" Cure too much in the brow frowning slightly turned to look at Li Cure too much at that gradually closed the door; Fundus seems to be somewhat confused "Lao Li, what are you …"
Doctor Li looked at Gu Jinxi’s eyes with appreciation and cherish, and even with a little regret, "I’m older than you to show Miss Gu."


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