You can’t catch this girl and beat her up and force "who sent you?" This will startle the snake

His cell phone rang again when the waves were having a headache.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Who directed the play
The word is "Hai Ge, do you have it? If you have it, you’d better come and have a look!"
The waves laughed. "What’s the big story? Did you see the Sino-foreign war between Chu Xiu and Anna? "
The novel "You will know when you come"
At this time, the waves were answering their mobile phones while driving the car. At this time, he had already driven to the gate of the Red Mansion. After he put his mobile phone down, he saw that the mirror was broken and the taxi that followed him was gone!
The waves secretly hate themselves for being too careless and not leaving a message when chatting, so that the taxi can let the girl who followed him run away, but don’t worry. He is not afraid that she will run away when he knows about the girl’s coffee shop class, but he can ask her name.
The waves gave up turning around to track the girl. He turned around in the yard and came out again.
Xiao is not sleeping in his video store, but renting a house in a neighborhood not far away.
The waves turned two detours and found that the taxi that followed him didn’t appear again, so he was relieved to drive to the small rental house.
Live in an ordinary building. This building is four stories high, which means living on the fourth floor.
The waves stopped the car and walked along the dark narrow stairs to the fourth floor. There was a rancid smell in the corridor, which was simply a slum. This building was the most prosperous red building in the city not far away, and two streets away was this dead and dirty building.
The waves snigger in their hearts, and it’s really possible to live here. It can be seen that his endurance is still good. His small status is just a video store owner. Of course, he can’t live in a luxurious place or he will be suspected.
On the fourth floor, the waves knocked on the small door, triple, triple and triple. This is the code word, so I knew it was him.
Knock on the door to let the waves in, then insert the door tightly and pull the waves to the bedroom inside, saying, "Come in and see if you may need it."
The waves laughed. "How do you know what I need?"
In the small bedroom, there is a big bed with a brain picture and three small pictures. When you take a closer look at the waves, these three pictures show a room, a living room, a bedroom and hygiene. You will know that it is a small installation of blue sky hotel monitors.
The novel "After I came back, I watched this brain painting for more than an hour, and then someone appeared. It was a Chinese man and a foreign girl. The man was drunk and supported by a foreign girl … See for yourself and I’ll play it back to you."
Small dexterity knocked on the keyboard a few times and brought up three synchronized pictures, which showed half an hour ago, that is, when the waves were sending Ouyang home.
Three synchronized pictures first show Anna supporting the drunken Chu Xiu in the living room, and then the bedroom picture shows that Anna has helped Chu Xiu in and let Chu Xiu lie in bed.
Now there are three pictures with bedrooms, and this picture has little activity. Turn this picture up to see everything clearly.
The small camera is very cleverly installed, just in time to see the bedroom view, and the center point is the big bed in the middle.
Although Chu Xiu was drunk, he was not willing to go to bed. His mouth was vague and he scolded "Wave goods! Hey! " You can tell it’s scolding Ouyang.
Anna put Chu Xiu on the bed and watched her wait on Chu Xiu. Obviously, she was reluctant to take a look of impatience.
Chu xiu’s lying on the bed is even more exciting. Pulling Anna by the bed, she stretched out her hand and went to rip off her pants …
Xiaoxiao said, "Look, there is something exciting!"
The waves smiled and didn’t speak and watched the picture.
Chu Xiu stripped Anna’s pants and violently attacked them, while attacking and cursing "rotten goods fuck you!"
Anna is rude to Chu Xiu, as if she had not only scattered her hair from time to time, but also seemed to be crazy and hard to attack Chu Xiu. Obviously, it was not enough, but she did not say what it was to lie on the bed quietly. With Chu Xiu attacking from behind, she was admiring whether her nails were dyed or not.
The waves almost laughed. Although Chu Xiu wanted to destroy Anna to vent his desire, he regarded Anna as Ouyang’s rough handling of Anna, but instead of being afraid, Anna felt unsatisfied. Of course, she disliked Chu Xiu’s thing, which was too short to go deep into her. Even if she had tossed her heart, she didn’t toss her money. This incident didn’t make the waves laugh and hurt!
On the one hand, it is rough and rough, and on the other hand, it is easy to appreciate the nails.
The waves are funny at the same time, but something is wrong, because Anna, a wave of energy, can’t satisfy her. She is a rich girl. Why would she watch Chu Xiu promise Chu Xiu to take over her father’s family business? Chu Xiu is just a little international student. What does she see about him? If there is no money, it’s fine, but the bed is not good. This is the most deadly! If Chu’s skill in repairing beds is as good as the waves, Anna may marry such a person and give her father’s family business to Chu Xiu, but the fact is that Chu Xiu is no good at all!
The waves can’t figure out what Anna sees in Chu Xiu. He feels that there must be something strange in it.
Looking at Chu Xiu’s fierce look is not harmful to Anna. The waves are funny in my heart. If this picture shows Ouyang, I don’t know what Ouyang will think. Is it disgusting? Chu Xiu’s ugly face or are you glad you didn’t marry such a man?
Chuxiu came and walked fast, and after a crazy sprint, he finally lay down softly and slipped from Anna’s back to the bed, so he fell asleep on his back without cleaning up the battlefield.
Anna got up and went into health if she started to wear pants and ignored Chu Xiu.
Xiao hurriedly turned down the picture and transferred it to Anna. She entered the health picture and zoomed in and said, "Look carefully here."
The waves watched intently to see Anna enter the bathroom. Instead of taking off her clothes and taking a shower, she pulled out the bathroom door tightly and dialed a number. Chinese said, "Is Ankou (uncle) asleep?"
"Things went well as you thought. Chu Xiu really believed that Ouyang had a problem. Today they met and fell out. Haha, Chu Xiu really scolded Ouyang. It was very ugly. Ouyang was very angry. Chu Xiu not only scolded Ouyang, but also scolded a guy who followed Ouyang … What didn’t you know that there was a guy who followed Ouyang? Oh, I’m still this guy, and you sent him … He’s handsome, in his mid-twenties … over a meter … What’s his name? Do you know him? Oh … Well, I saw him making out with Ouyang … I don’t know if they have any problems … Oh? You’ve got people following them? Ok … What did I do for nothing … I flew to the sea with Chuxiu early in the morning and they won’t meet again after that … Don’t worry, it’s you after Ouyang … "
The waves were shocked to hear the words in their hearts. Now he can say for sure that the person who answered Anna’s words must be the blue star who appeared in the provincial capital!
All the confusion is solved!
Lan Tianxing has long been concerned about Ouyang. Lan Tianxing sent Anna from far away to the United States to approach Chu Xiu and promised Chu Xiu American citizenship and Anna’s father’s estate to make Chu Xiu give up on Ouyang. At the same time (Chu Xiu still can’t figure out what to give up on Ouyang), she accepted Anna’s condition that Anna would really marry him and let him inherit her father’s estate.
Now the news that Chu Xiu and Anna returned to China has long been known by Lan Tianxing. He just pretended to hide in the provincial capital and pretended not to know that he was remotely controlling Anna and Chu Xiu, keeping a close eye on the development, and letting Chu Xiu and Ouyang fall out so that Lan Tianxing could get a bargain later. I didn’t know anything about it (of course, no one asked him). His purpose was to pretend to be high-profile and let Ouyang turn to him after giving up Chu Xiu.
Chu Xiu and Ouyang meet in the coffee shop. It should also be Lan Tianxing. Let Anna arrange Anna to meet Ouyang here. Chu Xiu certainly won’t doubt that Anna likes the atmosphere of this coffee shop. Lan Tianxing knows everything tonight because he not only arranged Anna Chu Xiu’s side, but also arranged another girl to watch this girl. It must be the girl who followed the waves, that is, the girl who played sogeum in this coffee shop. From this girl who played sogeum, she guessed that Lan Tianxing directed the play to decorate this scene. It’s not a matter of a day or two. When he arrived in the United States from Chu Xiu, he arranged for Anna to approach Chu Xiu. He also arranged a girl playing sogeum in this coffee shop early, which is the scene of the coffee shop breaking up.
The word is "Hai Ge, do you have it? If you have it, you’d better come and have a look!"
The waves laughed. "What’s the big story? Did you see the Sino-foreign war between Chu Xiu and Anna? "



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