"Cold brother, what are you laughing at?"

Two women have long been recruited by Ye Han, and now they are enjoying the pleasure of their men’s palms. God, they haven’t felt this way for months. At this moment, they really want to die happily!
For the two women, although they can find happiness with each other all the year round, they are all women in the end, but they are still not as good as men in some aspects. At this moment, the hot feeling they feel from Ye Han’s palm is one of them, and they can feel happy to death now.
Damn it, Ye Han left these great beauties at home and made them feel unhappy for months. Damn it, now it’s time to do everything to make up for them. Come on …
Ye Han secretly scolded himself again, but he didn’t laugh. Although he escaped the addiction, two women’s ears did not escape. Still watch the cold and cheerless people’s ears. Ye Han actually smiled and laughed so evil that they couldn’t help but ask with high interest.
"Don’t wait for you to know what I’m laughing at. Don’t hurry to heal Laner? Be careful to spank you later! "
Ye Han couldn’t help feeling embarrassed when listening to cold and cheerless people. Yeah, what are you laughing at? Cough, cough, wrong. What made you laugh? Didn’t it directly expose the evil thoughts in your heart? Mistake!
In order to make up for his mistake, he felt it necessary to show this kind of "smile" to them one by one. Aren’t they open and want to know the answer? Then just satisfy them!
Hear Ye Han this smack that said three female face was suffused with faint red at the same time but couldn’t help a happy smack that in my heart? Ok, I’ll let you play enough … but now let’s do Laner a favor first. After all, we are sisters. We can’t let her suffer too much. Hum, Ye Han bullied the sisters like this. We must do our best to avenge them together another day.
Today, since you have decided to take revenge, let him bully you thoroughly, and then you can try your best to be unbearable when you crusade yourself!
Come on, miss, throw caution to the wind today. You can bully all the consequences at your own expense in the future …
Ye Han didn’t know that he had been calculated by everyone. He knew that it was necessary for him to work hard today to disappoint everyone. Unfortunately, he didn’t know that the harder he worked today, the more difficult he would be when he was crusaded in the future.
See Ye Han still that for his two sisters to cast all kinds of bullying means three women also don’t neglect the busy opportunity to help Laner in two sisters … You just have to endure a little later sisters to help you must endure!
Hee hee, even if I can’t hold back, I don’t always want this guy to pay back once, not twice. Well, I must gather in nine planets to take revenge on one, and see if you can still surrender!
Ahem ….. It seems that I can’t. One of nine planets is his daughter. This can’t be fooling around, but it’s good to pull that girl with slight cold then, which can also make up for Jiu Ge’s hum Ye Han. Ye Han, just wait for us nine sisters to take revenge together!
Maybe they will never think that this day will come true, whether it is true or not. At that time, happiness or pain will not be known. Everything will not be known until they have experienced it personally, but at that time, I am afraid it will not be as simple as revenge or letting him surrender!
Three women are trying to make Ye Han pay twice as much as today’s fruit mentality. They have already climbed into bed and surrounded Laner with three women, quietly looking at a face of shyness and low head. Laner seems to be thinking about treating her.
After all, this time Lan Er’s body injury is not fatal, but it’s not minor. It’s not so easy to treat and the location of the injury … Gee, it’s a little difficult!
Aside Ye Han ignored the three women here, such as turning around Laner. At this time, he was stretching out his hand to pull the female ribbon in his arms, and then he gently pulled the leaves soft and thin clothes to fade to his waist.
Then he laughed at Lengling and said, "Sister Ling, do you want to come by yourself or let me help you?"
Said he also regardless of LengLing such as answer has made one hand to LengLing chest pinched a handful, and then regardless of her such as response hand has slipped quietly, her slender waist to find the ribbon gently pull will give the solution.
Ye Han, who has solved the cold ling ribbon, will no longer continue to invade. Instead, he will pour his hands into Ye Rou’s body and see that her dress has faded to the waist. Instead, he will touch her proudly with his hands, then directly hug her waist and hold her half. Then he seems to have found a fixed point. This will be released …
Finally, I heard the soft leaves whisper a charming body and shivered slightly. Ye Han didn’t get rid of the soft leaves, but turned to one side. Lengling touched his chest with her hands for a long time before she set out to fade her dress.
On the other side, Ye Rou has not been idle to see Ye Han actually ignore himself. He couldn’t help but burst into anger and ignored many things, so he plundered himself there and soon he could hear her crooning …
Ye Han enjoys the beauty of her body, and the manual seems to have a rhythm. Lengling’s chest keeps wandering, so that she can follow Ye Rou’s moaning constantly. It’s really one after another and never stops.
At the moment, Lengling’s clothes just faded to the waist, revealing more than half of his body and chest standing upright, which is even more proud. Ye Han’s hands can’t be held gently, which makes Lengling feel a compact and unknown feeling unconsciously become stronger.
Stimulation and absolute stimulation made Lengling enjoy absolute happiness. At the moment, she felt that she was on cloud nine. It was wonderful. There was a sense of midstream somewhere in her body to make her charming songs stronger.
In this way, Ye Han doesn’t do anything else. He keeps his original move and doesn’t even change his strength at all. Lengling seems to feel that he is not satisfied enough. He holds Ye Han’s hand in one hand and increases his strength for him in the other hand, and quietly stretches it out …
"Uh-huh ….." Seems to have found a more exciting feeling. Lengling actually feels something directly from Ye Han’s hand, and her fingers get a more intense new feeling. She remembers clearly that she can often feel it when Ye Rou is together.
Naturally, sometimes she felt this way when she was alone, but at the end of the day, she still felt that the similar feeling with Ye Han was stronger, but it has not yet reached that point [864] [at a glance for ten thousand years]
Unconsciously, Lengling suddenly felt envious of Ye Rou, so what Ye Rou experienced at that time was exactly what she longed for most. She endured two months of suffering, and now she is finally going to see the light of day, but she was beaten by Ye Rou.
She feels very poor. She is also a woman, a woman with Ye Han, and a woman with Ye Han. What kind of soft treatment is so good around Ye Han? Is her treatment really so unbearable? I cann’t believe I still need to rely on my own strength to get those feelings back
Ye Han ignored Lengling, but she couldn’t help but feel that she had put her hands back to Ye Roushen and personally held her waist to help her do something she could.
And soft leaves seem to feel dissatisfied with her sister and dare not neglect her busy bending over to help her take the place of Ye Han while suffering from Ye Han’s attack. At the same time, don’t forget to gather together to replace Lengling’s hand …
Finally, someone was so excited that he needed Lengling, and secretly cast his eyes toward Ye Rou to satisfy his eyes. He also thought to himself that it was better to be a gentle sister, which is really like this cold son and considerate clothes.
"Ah … it hurts!"
Just as the three people here were in high spirits, there was a pain on the other side. Looking around, it is not difficult to find that the owner of this sound is none other than the blue child who was seriously "injured"!
"Sister Lan, you have to be patient. This will make you happy all your life and let Xiner stop the pain!" Yan Xin listened to this pain and smiled and comforted for a while, and then she was cold and cheerless. Ye Ping nodded and pulled out of her hands and put Laner’s chest to prepare her to relieve the pain.
I felt a good feeling in my chest. Laner couldn’t help moaning. Sure enough, the tingling sensation from the body seemed to have weakened a lot. Although she touched her place with one hand and applied cold to heal her, she seemed to feel less pain.
Cold and cheerless, the practitioner is naturally in charge of the healer. Ye Ping seems to feel that this is redundant and simply doesn’t continue to interfere. He sits straight and hands fall and pulls the ribbon around his waist gently. Then he raises his hand and fades his eyes to show her white and tender shoulders.
Clothes falling in a blink of an eye, there is an extra naked woman in the bed. It seems that the war on the other side is too fierce. Ye Ping finally can’t bear to simply throw the clothing department to the ground, and then slowly climb the road and join in the battle circle.
Ye Han couldn’t help complaining when he saw it. Boy, is this to bully one by three? Although he is * * tough, he is not superhuman powers. For three people to join hands, even if he is so powerful, he is overwhelmed!
But fortunately, Ye Ping doesn’t seem to want to give Ye Han pressure to climb directly to him and bow slightly to take the initiative to kiss his lips. Ye Han is also eager to cater to this, but he accidentally passively took the initiative to let Ye Ping almost surrender.
Ye Ping is not the weak to see that he has lost his initiative to change the war zone’s lips. Suddenly, he broke away from Ye Han’s bondage and slowly moved to Ye Han’s heart. Suddenly, he took a hard look and did not consider many of them. He directly turned Ye Ping’s body so that his thigh was facing himself, and then he would slowly pull to his face.
In a short time, Ye Ping’s thighs had buried Ye Hantou deeply, and she was also stimulated to moan constantly. Suddenly, four women moaned in the room.
After straightening Ye Ping’s posture, Ye Han’s hands returned to Ye Rou’s body and continued to control her body so that she could move, but it’s a pity that her voice is very weak. It’s really hard to hear it if you don’t listen carefully.
Although Yu Lengling has no direct contact with Ye Han, he is also happy to conceive a sister who may be able to accompany him day and night. It is also a happy thing that he seems to be greedy because Ye Ruan’s hands have been taken away, and he has not given her people any leisure. Now he is kneading his chest and controlling it by himself, but it is also a beauty that he is poor.
In this way, Leng Ling and Ye Rou, who were attacked, enjoyed being attacked by Ye Han in the most direct way, while Ye Ping, with her fat buttocks up, enjoyed the excitement brought by Ye Han’s lips and her hands, which were similar to those brought by Leng Ling’s movement, and the three women were poor.



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