Gu Jinxi put his hands on the table and his face was in tears. He felt that he was going to vomit his stomach. After he finally vomited, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Sanwei, Chenpi, clams, leaves … come on!"

"Okay, I’ll go right away!" Ye Zhenniang quickly remembers all the herbs and walks toward the outside. Chapter 85 She will be my only wife in this life.
Pinellia ternate looked pale Gu Jin sunseeker looked ugly "miss what’s going on? Don’t … "Think that the cup soup served by Mammy Gui at that time was" poisonous? "
"Where do you want to go?" Gu Jinxi shook his head. "Handle this carefully and don’t let others see it."
"If it’s a handmaiden, go."
Even though Gu Jinxi said that, Pinellia was still hanging in his heart.
There must be something wrong with the cup of soup, otherwise Zhen Niang wouldn’t look so ugly, nor would her own lady … But why should the empress dowager give her medicine?
Gu Jinxi closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
Yesterday, I just learned from Gu Qian that it was the emperor, but what would involve Rui Wang? Qin Rui thought that the drop of blood mixed with black silk on the windowsill had nothing to do with him.
"Miss, here comes the medicine!"
Half an hour later, Ye Zhenniang was holding a soup cup filled with freshly baked medicine juice.
Looking at the dark and bitter medicine juice, Gu Jinxi frowned and gulped it down, and soon the lower abdomen was covered with dull pain and walked towards the toilet.
For three or four hours, at noon, Gu Jinxi was already exhausted and drank the antidiarrheal drugs in advance, which finally relieved him.
"Miss, are you all right?" Ye Zhenniang looked at Gu Jinxi’s pale face.
Gu Jinxi shook his head "might as well"
"But miss the queen mother empress what to …" Ye Zhenniang don’t understand the farce king but Xiao Taihou’s favorite son that she what to miss their medicine and that kind of medicine.
The strongest saffron
It is really a tonic for women, but if they are unmarried women who have not lost their virginity and have saffron Saussurea involucrata, they are afraid that it will be difficult to give birth in the future; Not only that, these two drugs together produce toxins, which will make female lust extremely strong. Qin Rui is so weak that she can stand the demand like a wolf.
Gu Jinxi’s eyes narrowed slightly. "What are you afraid of? Ask King Rui or Xiao Taihou."
"The queen mother is so big, is it just to give you medicine?" Ye Zhenniang is puzzled.
"It’s just that the soldiers will block the water!" Gu Jinxi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He kept thinking about whether the emperor would marry her to Qin Rui himself or the queen mother. Was it because Brother Huan told King Rui that King Rui wanted to tie her to a boat in this way and force himself to detoxify him?
Pinellia frowned. "What medicine is that?"
"Sterilizer" Ye Zhenniang gave her a grumpily look.
"ah? That young lady you … "Pinellia nervously watching Gu Jin sunseeker.
"Don’t worry," she said, "the soup won’t be much when she drinks it. It’s already spit out. The residual toxicity of the emetic and cathartic body won’t ruin her fertility."
What’s more, Xiao Taihou seems to be tempted and didn’t think that the medicine she needs for fertility is very simple, which makes it possible for her to be saved after returning to the house
But even if she married Qin Rui, she didn’t plan on what he had; Everyone just takes what they need; Maybe it’s time to find a chance to have a good talk with this long-lost king Rui.
Time flies.
Gu Jinxi got up early this day, waiting for the elegant room facing the street in the Guest House, waiting for the married Wangfu to lead the troops back to the DPRK; Emperor Xizhimen has led the civil and military officials to wait there. Of course, Liangdu is an army general, and Yu Dajun is stationed in the mountains hundreds of miles away from Liangdu.
Suddenly I heard cheers.
Looking out, I saw that the burly middle-aged man in armor followed behind hundreds of Qinbing in two gorgeous carriages. The gauze around him was clear and I could vaguely see the pretty people inside.
"Second young master, look, miss, that’s second young master."
Pinellia ternata nervously pointed to the back position.
Gu Jin sunseeker immediately raised my hand and covered her lips and mouth slightly closed, but she couldn’t speak for a long time. "Is it the second brother or the second brother?" He is black and thin. "
"Miss left, they left." Pinellia pointed to the marching team.
Gu Jinxi shook his head and pulled to go to Pinellia ternata. "Come on, let’s go home."
"But miss …" Pinellia was puzzled.
"Move troops back to the emperor and have a banquet for the second young master to come back. Even if it is already noon, it is good for Miss Ye Zhenniang to go back early." Ye Zhenniang’s face is heavy. "Today, so many people outside are afraid that there will be assassins lurking, so the emperor should have made enough preparations."
Gu Jinxi nodded slightly "Let’s go"


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