"How dare he!" Yang night up stare big eyes shouted "on which theory is good or bad, size! They are also an inseparable part of the territory under the jurisdiction of the Red Zone! "

"Well, the current red domain master is not too long, so he should not repeat the red domain master’s withdrawal." Lan Yao nodded. "We have to find the red domain master and Xiupo and take Xiaozheng with us, so we can’t let the black domain master get it!" Talking, Lan Yao turned his head and looked out of the window. "Since the infighting has gradually turned into a struggle after so many years, we should not be polite to the Lord of the Black Domain!"
Yang night watching LAN Yao nodded and suddenly smiled.
"What are you laughing at?" Blue demon cut noticed turned around and asked the expression also eased to some pettish blame.
"Nothing thinks you’re cute," Yang said at night, feeling numb.
Lan Yao’s face turned red and gave Yang Ye a hard stare. He pretended to be cold-hearted and said, "When we hurry, let’s take Xiaozheng to see the Lord of the Red Domain. Don’t be paranoid!"
"Well, I’ll arrange it as soon as possible, and we’ll join the red domain master." Yang night nodded and agreed.
"Well, go to bed early. The storm is coming." Lan Yao cut and stared out of the window with a lot of thoughts.
"Sleep here?" Yang night jumped into the bed. "You like me, I like you. I think we are in love now, right? I can promise you this requirement. "
Lan Yao turned his head to see Yang Ye’s eyes when he just heard him finish. His face turned red and he quickly turned his eyes away and said, "Die!"
Yang night watching the blue demon chop in the face of his already red and hot ears smiled gently "Ha ha undead I’d better wait for you to kill me" and got up and walked out of the blue demon chop room.
Lan Yao beheaded and looked at the door. I hesitated in my heart. The red dagger turned out to be really not so arrogant. Is it my own spring? After a while, I couldn’t help but recall those conversations and scenes. I regretted being ashamed, pulled myself up and was blindfolded and shouted, "Oh! What a shame! "
Don’t want to sleep this night.
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Games? Yang night in the mind a tight suddenly have a feeling of being teased before the black domain Lord really let him hate and he is more worried about even xin, such as yan deeply, xi shi and Zheng Dan several people safety.
To tell the truth, in the face of this situation, Yang Ye didn’t slow down. After all, several women are still the main players in the black domain, but can they really switch to the main door in the black domain? Even pretending? Of course not! Not to mention, if you want to explain to the red domain master and Mrs. Yang Lao, even Yang Ye can’t get through this hurdle in his heart-the black domain master is plotting to destroy his own ghost family enemy and let him play the role of the black domain master before the black domain master? Can’t do it! Even pretending can’t do it!
I don’t know what’s going on at this moment. Yang looked at the black domain owner in front of him at night, and there was a kind of hatred in his heart. Even in his mind, there were scenes of tragic war, and the black domain owner hid behind his back and grinned grimly.
So Yang night mercilessly stared at the black domain Lord slowly clenched his teeth and both sides of his cheeks bulged.
"Dare to play? This game? " Lord Heiyu ignored Yang Ye’s eyes and continued to say with a smile, "I will put a fixed place for you to pick up your women, but you should be careful that the game is not that simple. Don’t die."
Yang night was so angry that his body tightened and he had planned to take the initiative with the black domain, but strangely, his body could not make any effort and there was no response.
"It’s me here, don’t waste your energy." The Lord of the Black Domain smiled. "It’s easy for me to kill you, but I don’t want to be rude because you dare to contradict me! Hehe, I’m waiting for you to come back to me and kneel down and apologize to me for mercy! "
Yang night swallowed his breath slowly and asked in a low voice with a sullen face, "Well, Lord Black Domain, how do you play?"
Black domain master shallow smile "hey hey this game is not only you and I will also play with the red domain master, I want to make trouble under his jurisdiction, of course.
You women, I’ll let us take the history under the jurisdiction of the red domain master to hahahahahaha … "When the black domain master laughed, he clapped his hands and jumped a few steps." If it is your woman who destroyed the history under the jurisdiction of the red domain master, I’ll see how you end up! "
Yang night has hated gnashing her teeth, but she doesn’t know what the real purpose of the black domain master is. Play? Playing? Or provoke dissension?
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Sitting in front of the French window of his bedroom, Yang looked at the night and felt really upset and depressed, holding a can of beer in his hand, and he was completely in a preoccupied situation.
"Red Bi don’t die in our hands, I’m still waiting for you to come back and kowtow to me to apologize! Ha ha ha ha ha … "
Thinking about the black domain master’s last talk, Yang night frowned tightly and growled in his voice. A beer can was squashed and spilled, and the beer got to his body and face, and it was still foaming at the mouth.
Yang Ye knows in his heart that the Lord of the Black Domain is teasing him, playing a game with Yun Xin, Ru Yan, Xi Shi and Zheng Dan. Although he is unwilling, Yang Ye can participate in this game because he has to go, although he doesn’t know what to save you and my lover …
Yu Muyang Zheng Yang Ye didn’t think much about it. His headache was the meanness of the black domain master. When he remembered that there was a Xia family in his home, the first thought in his heart was to bring Mu Muyang Zheng to the domain to meet the red domain master and Mrs. Yang Lao, and report the plot of the black domain master game to the red domain master. After all, this game of the black domain master is not only about the safety of Yang Ye and others, but also about the changes in the area under the jurisdiction of the red domain master.
In the dead of night, it’s hard to sleep. He knows that these things have happened now, and he can’t ignore them. When he brought people like Yan Yan, Xi Shi and Zheng Dan back from other history, can he ignore them now? Yu Uniform Xin is not only the younger sister of Nan Rong Magic, but also her own woman. Everything she is experiencing now seems to be due to the first time she met Yu Uniform Xin in the street and stared at him.
With seven beer cans standing upside down, Yang Ye finally got up, washed her face and walked out of her bedroom.
Now you can find the land where the blue demon has been beheaded.
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Lan Yao beheaded, too. She didn’t want to admit that she missed Yang night, so she made an excuse to force herself to believe that she couldn’t sleep because she remembered what happened during this period, such as helping Red Bi kill Mu Mingfeng and The Hunger, for example, being taken by Red Bi to Jialan Island, such as the war on Jialan Island. Evil energy Weiner, for example, said those words to Red Bi at last, such as Red Bi saved herself, stripped off her clothes and saw her body …
It’s over! Lan Yao cut and dragged his face and muttered in his heart, what do you think and what do you have with Red Bi? And in the end, I always think of myself * * naked. Damn it! Damn it! Why is the red dagger always spinning in my head? No, no, no! I have a grudge against Qiu Qiu that I haven’t reported yet! How can I think about the red dagger! This damn red dagger! How dare you treat me like that? I’ll kill you sooner or later! Don’t want to, don’t want to! Red dagger, you don’t want to appear in my mind!
Think so blue demon chop involuntarily blurted out shout out "red Bi! Get out of here! "
The words sound just fell at the door to Yang night back "what? Didn’t you sleep either? Why are you so angry? "
Blue demon chop fierce a surprised lift was sat up from the bed stare big eyes to the front of the door-it was Yang night face reddish talking to the blue demon chop a faint smile.



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