"You eat first, I’ll go and have a look!" The baby was so excited that he jumped to the door of the restaurant in a few steps and turned his head and said, "I often don’t go home, and there are few guests at home. The guests must have come to ask my father to treat the disease!" I’ll go and see what it is. It’s amazing that someone will invite my dad! "

After speaking, the figure flashed that the baby had already left the restaurant, and the footsteps were getting farther and lighter.
In the dining room, Yang Ye, Nan Rong Huan and the scorching sun looked at each other for a moment.
"Ghost incense? Have you heard of it? " Yang night first asked
Nan Rong Phantom and the scorching sun shook their heads, and the scorching sun hesitated and said, "I’m really a little impressed by this name of ghost fragrance, but now you suddenly ask me but I can’t remember it. Let me think about it."
"The key is that the baby said this kind of bird is called the fragrant bird. It’s so strange that the baby and her mother can hear it." Nan Rong said with a smile. "If there is really something that she and her mother can hear, then the three of us have heard everything?"
"And it’s weird … it’s so nice. I’ve never heard of a bird that sounds so nice!" Yang night savoring the low sighs.
The scorching sun nodded and let go. The bowl chopsticks leaned back in the chair and said doubtfully, "Ming Xiang … is really familiar with the name. And the baby’s father Qiu Ju, you two belong to yourself. Have you really never heard of it?"
Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom shook their heads at the same time. Yang Ye said, "I may not know, but Nan Rong Phantom has been growing up. Besides, if there is such an imperial doctor, it is impossible for us to know! ?”
"But we really know," Nan Ronghuan went on to say, "I have never heard of the name Qiu Ju."
"That is to say, this hill is in the baby’s possession." The scorching sun narrowed his eyes. "This is a bit strange."
"There are many strange things." Yang Ye smiled faintly. "Since we came to Baobeilong’s home, strange things have been appearing. Baobeilong’s parents and that Xu Jun" said Yang Ye Meng looked up. "By the way, you came to see me last night."
"Crazy? The orcs are crazy? " Nan Rong’s illusion and the scorching sun froze at the same time. "How did he come here?"
"I’m surprised, too." Yang Yexiao told the story of last night’s experience in the jungle with a smile, telling the key points of Yu Ciren Valley, Long Xiao and Furong.
"Furong was saved?" South glory magic nodded mercilessly laughed "how nice! I’ll let her die again this time! " While talking, Nan Rong’s illusion flashed in his mind that when the baby was so badly injured by Furong in the Tang Dynasty, he clenched his fist.
"Mother! This old beast is quite interesting. "The scorching sun grinned and looked at Yang Ye." He also woke up. Don’t you fight with Ciren Valley? "
Yang night nodded.
The scorching sun nodded and slowly leaned back to the back of the chair, holding his chest in his hands and saying, "It seems that Yu Ciren’s smell is not fake. It’s really a bit troublesome this time."
South glory illusion hesitated a single hand desktop looking at Yang night asked "what are you going to do? Yang night if … If Long Xiao and Furong are really bad for this Yang family, if you really take this Yang family as bait, you will … "
"Of course!" Yang Ye glared at his eyes. "Different from relatives!"
Nan Rong was stunned and then nodded and said firmly, "Say yes, I support you Yang Ye!"
"And" Yang night finger struck a table with a dignified expression and said "something very strange happened last night"
"ah? What else? " The scorching sun has picked up bowls and chopsticks again, and I want to continue to eat a listen to Yang’s night talk.
"Yeah, hehe, you two remember that every door of our guest room on the third floor has a decorative sculpture that highlights half the back of the head?" Yang night shook his head and smiled and tapped his fingers on the desktop rhythmically.
South glory illusion and the scorching sun looked at each other and looked at Yang night and nodded.
"Last night, I saw the decorative carved head face, hehe." Yang Yeke smiled easily and waved.
Nan Rong’s illusion and the scorching sun kept a curious eye on Yang Ye, and told the story in the room last night again. Yang Ye hesitated to tell it because the half face in that door seemed to be harmless and knew everything like the back of his hand. Yang Ye gradually became white in Muyang’s main room last night, and the door that he passed by automatically called him in to talk to Yang Ye alone late.
In this case, this mysterious guy must not want Nan Rong Magic and the scorching sun to know that he doesn’t know the reason, but his meaning is obvious.
However, Yang Ye thought for a long time that this matter must be discussed with Nan Rong Magic and the scorching sun. After all, he is not very familiar with everything in the domain, and he still doesn’t know whether the mysterious guy behind that half face is an enemy or a friend.
After telling the story, indeed as expected, the scorching sun and Nanrong Magic all showed amazing looks, staring at their eyes and opening their mouths slightly for a long time, but they couldn’t slow down.
"So I said that there must be something wrong with Baobaolong’s family, and there are still many problems." Yang Ye’s summary statement knocked heavily on the table.
"Is that face carving … alive?" Nan Rong was puzzled and surprised, and stretched out the sound. "And he also knows that you are a red dagger?"



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