These words are not too clear to point out that the assassin assassinated the emperor tonight, but Cong borrowed them.

The emperor heard again surprised and angry plus side sensitive imperial concubine a face of surprised color from time to time in alarm.
That heart is burning like fire. At the moment, the emperor’s heart is swaying, and it is the ambassador behind these assassins.
"Somebody go to Taifu immediately and get Taitai."
The emperor ordered the first bodyguard of a hall to come before he heard a voice coming in outside the hall.
"Father, son and minister, no son and minister, no assassin to assassinate father"
Escape cloud one leg waste at the moment in a wheelchair was pushed in, his face was particularly white.
Although he hated the emperor, he really didn’t want to kill him.
However, the East China Sea Emperor is now determined that he is the murderer who instigated the assassin. For example, after listening to his sophistry, Kuang Su-wan also added in a timely manner, "The temple came so fast. Is this the news of the palace? I knew that the assassin would come so fast if he missed."
When this statement came out, the East China Sea Emperor’s face became even uglier. His side, Min Guifei, was gentle and filled with a knife.
"The emperor can’t"
The East China Sea Emperor looked back at Min Guifei and then thought of something like turning around and looking at the head of the hall, Prince Zhao.
Now is a great time to get rid of it
The emperor of the East China Sea immediately had an idea. He didn’t listen to Yiyun’s excuse and drank "It’s so bold of you to dare to instruct an assassin to assassinate me."
The emperor’s face was as white as death, and at the same time he was white. Father, this is going to get rid of him and praise himself as his second brother.
How cruel! What else can he say?
Escape cloud gas angry stare at the emperor of the East China Sea, the emperor of the East China Sea was even more angry when he saw him, and immediately ordered the face guards to "come and put Taitai in the prison of punishments immediately"
As soon as the emperor’s words fell, there was an arrogant cold drink outside the temple, "Who dares to catch the palace?"
Queen Mu came in from outside the temple, and her charming face was full of strength, which abruptly destroyed her beauty. Her face was dark and she stared at the emperor. "What crime did my son commit to be arrested in the prison of punishments?"
Donghai Huang sneered and said, "Is it a big crime for him to assassinate me?"
The emperor of the East China Sea swept away his cowardice in the past and couldn’t say how cold he looked up and glared at the face with cold anger. The queen Mu Mu went a long way. If she dared to say one more word, even she would be arrested in the prison of punishments.
Mu Mi has always been used to being strong. When he ate this kind of loss, he immediately turned pale and wanted to carry it with the emperor.
At this time, a figure rushed in outside the temple and quickly grabbed his mother and slowly woke up from his mother. "Mother don’t be stiff with father."
It’s not worth the loss to make a stiff mother.
Queen Mu is still unwilling to go to the East China Sea Emperor, but it is rare to sweep away the usual timidity, toughness and coldness.
The temple guards rushed to grab the front and pushed Taiyiyun’s wheelchair to send him to the prison of punishments.
Yiyun looked back at the temple people and looked back at his mother and sister. It was a real failure for others to help him alone.
Is there any way for him to get out of jail today? Ha ha ha yiyun laughed suddenly and tried his best to get up from the wheelchair and go straight to the door.
Blink, blood spatter and die on the spot.
Everyone in the temple changed color, even the emperor sitting in the East China Sea turned white for a moment. Only when Min Guifei sat next to him, his lip corner was hooked up with Gherardini, and the bottom of his pupil flashed past the cold mountain.
And she happened to be seen by Su Wan. Su Wan’s eyes narrowed. This sensitive imperial concubine is by no means a simple role.
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Thousands of feather palace halls were stunned by Taiyiyun’s death, and everyone forgot to talk until the queen screamed.
I didn’t expect Queen Mu to be so strong-willed by herself. He is not a strong-willed man. He is impulsive and proud, but he is never strong-willed
But he rarely had the backbone to directly kill himself.
Empress mu saw herself dead with her own eyes and jumped as if she could bear it.
"Yi Er Yi Er"
Mu queen rushed to Taitai and picked him up. Unfortunately, Yiyun didn’t respond at all.



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