Ye Hong’s move is naturally a little anxious, but more anxious than he is, but many people are bent on saving Ye Rou. It is naturally difficult, but there are not a few people who are anxious!

The servants are busy preparing for the wedding, which is naturally the vast majority of these people. In addition, they have always wanted to pull Ye Hongtai, and the two elders are relatively anxious.
Ye Qiu is dead, and they already know that they can’t start from Ye Qiu’s side. The two elders unanimously pointed the finger at Ye Di’s family except Ye Qiu. They don’t want Ye Hong to continue to be the head of this family.
A piece of jade is printed with two strokes, and this is the only simple way to send the jade to the array. Then it quietly leaves the Ye family mansion and leaves Xingyuan City. No one knows what it is.
After Ye Hong commanded everything, he was vaguely worried that the family rebellion could not change this point, which can be seen from the extremely uncooperative two elders of the family today!
Although the result of the inflammatory family rebellion is hidden deep, he also learned from the agent that Ye Qiu has been killed by the inflammatory family in this rebellion, but Ye Qiu’s death can’t change much. After all, there are still many people who don’t want him to continue to be the patriarch!
Ye Di is the two elders who rely on nature and worry in Ye Hong’s heart. Now that Ye Qiu is dead, there is this person who can stir up the burden of rebelling against Ye Jia.
Originally, he thought that the Ye Qiu chaos didn’t happen this year, so it would have to wait until the Singapore Festival in 2008 before it could happen again, but the situation has obviously exceeded expectations!
When Ye Qiu died, all the blame was directed at Ye Di. Although Ye Di’s ambition was not as strong as Ye Qiu’s, he didn’t. It was because he was deeply hidden that people had such an illusion!
Ye Di also participated in the inflammatory rebellion, which is the best proof. It is not difficult to think that Ye Di is following Ye Qiu’s actions on the surface, but he has already had the idea of replacing him in his own heart.
Natural Ye Qiu foresight don’t even know so obvious, he thought to grasp the inflammation home after the overall situation to cut off the menace, but I didn’t think his action eventually failed.
Or because of this, although Ye Qiu died, he was not completely unsatisfied, because he knew that Ye Di was still alive, then maybe his dream would eventually come true. It was Ye Di who did it, not himself!
Whether Ye Qiu can die in print or not, everything depends on Ye Dishen. If he can disrupt Ye’s current situation, the situation will be optimistic, but the dream will be shattered.
Take the opportunity to give play to this idea of Cong people. Although I don’t know much about Ye Di, the patriarch Ye Hong is also white. If Ye Di still has an idea, this idea will inevitably be the first one. Maybe he has been unable to find an excuse, but if Ye Han is not properly handled, then he will have an organic basis to follow.
Ye Di’s whereabouts are uncertain. After the rebellion of Yan’s family, he is hiding like a mouse. It is even more difficult to find him. No one can guarantee when he will run back to Ye Gulai. The rebellion may happen at any time. Ye Hong has to be vigilant.
Ye Hong, sitting in a chair in front of the patriarch’s room window, quietly looked at the distant sky and looked at it full of peace, but he didn’t feel relaxed and happy, but kept a worried look at all times.
The sky is beautiful, but the human heart is so sinister. Ye Hongshen has a deep understanding of life. At the same time, he can’t help but think about Lengling’s ability to face the fact that her husband has another woman so easily, while the older generation of the family has such a sinister heart.
In contrast, Ye Hong’s wry smile is also surprising that people are so big. It seems a little unreasonable to say that people with evil thoughts are not people, but it is even more unreasonable to compare them with normal people.
It is not Ye Hong who has these ideas. There are many people in mainland China who have these ideas, and Ye Han is no exception.
There are two blue shadows somewhere in Yejia Mansion. A man and a woman are holding a woman and snuggling up to the man’s arms. The picture is very warm, but the faces of the two owners in this warm picture are not warm at all.
Considering that they are about to face an unpredictable test, both of them are worried, but before this test comes, they will face a seemingly small but difficult test.
Maybe this is not facing, but accepting the face. Maybe there is still room for choice, but the situation is that they have no choice but to accept the fact silently.
"Han Er, do you know why I made such a decision?" For a long time after LengLing this just gently pushed Ye Han arms immediately stared at him with a face of smile and asked.
Ye Han smell speech immediately one leng immediately is also staring at LengLing for a long time did not say LengLing see this or nai shook his head no words and then once again into the arms of Ye Han.
Ye Han once again held Lengling’s charming body and felt the breath of someone from Lengling’s body. At the same time, he also constantly pondered the meaning of Lengling’s words.
"Ha ha, don’t think too much if a fool doesn’t know!" See Ye Han long meditation LengLing busy charming smile and said
With a wry smile and a tight hug, Ye Han sighed, "If I didn’t guess wrong, Linger must have thought of something!"
Leng Lingwen suddenly nodded his head, but he didn’t say anything in detail. Maybe she said something when she had no choice but to add trouble, so it might as well not say it.
After the warmth, they didn’t say anything. After a hard day, it was already dark, and they both felt tired, so they lay on the bed and fell into a deep sleep quietly.
Ye Hangang opened his eyes the next morning and saw that Lengling had sat in front of the dresser and gave a wry smile for grooming. Ye Han also got out of bed and then slowly came to the dresser.
Hold Lengling gently and hold her hand with a comb. Ye Han smiled and said, "Linger wants to come and I haven’t combed your hair for a long time. Let me comb your hair today!"
Said don’t stay LengLing huanguo to god Ye Han will take the initiative to comb away, then comb for LengLing has not yet combed hair.
Smelling Lengling’s hair and smelling it, Ye Han can’t help feeling guilty. It’s not difficult for Lengling to find a good man because she is so young and beautiful, but she doesn’t do it, but follows herself around this person who is not single-minded.
Every time I think of Ye Han here, I feel guilty from my heart. He has lived up to Leng Lingshi too much, even if he has made up for it all his life, he can face her with peace of mind.
Now, the only way to alleviate these guilt is to treat her wholeheartedly, but up to now, he has managed to make up for it in this last way, and that guilt can be deeper.
Deep heart pain may be tolerated, but is it so easy to make up for deep heart pain of others? What’s worse, now he can’t find a way to make up for it?
The 71st world refused cruelly.
Ye Han hides deep in his heart. How can he not feel the cold ling? But even if he felt it, he knew that all this had changed. His heart was Ye Han, and although she would change her mind, she did it.
Hidden in the depths of Ye Han, the guilt may never be waved away, and Lengling and Ye Han themselves will know more clearly that this is the case and both sides feel so capable.
Gently combing Lengling’s hair, Ye Chilling is struggling endlessly. With such a great beauty, she has to marry another woman, which makes Ye Han suddenly deeply touched.
Everything Bi Yehan also tidied up her clothes before sighing, "Linger, thank you for your package. Don’t worry, I will put you first no matter what happens."
Ye Han knows that all vows at this moment can make up for his guilt about Lengling, but he can also comfort her. Although he knows that he has broken his promise to Lengling once and for all, he still chooses to make a promise.
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Lengling’s face was a little relieved, and then she was too busy to give up her heart and smiled. "Well, now everything is doomed, just wait for your peace of mind and marry your gentle sister!"
Ye Hanku smiled and nodded without words. At this moment, the situation is as Lengling said. Everything is doomed, even though there are many aches in their hearts, they can’t change this existing reality.



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